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(Sureshot) Death of Plain Vanilla MBA

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Educational Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow Is the MBA program dead ?

In it's present shape and Plain Vanilla form, Yes.

However what will happen is that certain components of the MBA curriculum will get integrated into specialized vocational educational streams such as Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine, Law, etc.

These courses will pick specific MBA program elements & integrate it with their specific educational offerings.

e.g. MBBS-MBA, BTech-MBA as some examples of Dual Degree programs combining management with other professional and specialized courses.

Also, MBA programs focussed on Vertical Industry and Business Segments will become increasingly popular. Originally Posted on 19th February 2004

Down Arrow Update

Gray Arrow Specialized MBA Courses in different Vertical Industry Segments are being introduced gradually.

e.g. MBA in Retail Management, MBA in Civil Aviation, MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, MBA in Army Management & MBA in Real Estate Management to name a few Specialized Vertical MBA courses. (Updated on 13th December 2004)

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Posted on 19th February 2004
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