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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Projects for Retraining Non-IT Personnel

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Down Arrow Non-IT Personnel Career Retraining Projects

Gray Arrow Executed various Pilot Educational Projects within KAYTEK for various Career Retraining Non-IT Literate student segments :

Down Arrow Retired Senior Citizen

Gray Arrow Computer Basics and Operational Fundamentals, Accounting Software Package Operational Training, Program Source Code Study, Changes & Review enabling effective low cost software reuse.

Down Arrow Middle-Aged Functional Executive

Gray Arrow On-The-Job Software Development Education by participating in real-life software projects in the different phases - Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Documentation.

Down Arrow Young Engineering Graduate shifting to IT Field

Gray Arrow Comprehensive On The Job 18 weeks Training Programme handling various practical real life assignments in the field of Information Technology and Software.

Down Arrow Medical Doctor

Gray Arrow Computer Basics and Operational Fundamentals, Software Analysis Techniques using Object Oriented Methodology and English Language Basic Concepts.

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