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ERP Careers - Some Tips

Generic Learnings and Soft Skills

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Down Arrow Generic Learnings

A suggested way of learning any ERP skills (like other Software Technologies) is a specific technology agnostic approach as long as the person is capable of creating generic learnings from specific technologies.

Focus on creating generic learnings by understanding the 3 internal layers from specific software technologies.

This would help sustain a long-term career (irrespective of fear of obsolescence of individual technologies).

Down Arrow Other 'Soft' Skills

Like any other IT Career, Soft Skills are very important for success and job satisfaction and growth. Technical skills are no longer sufficient. The ability to sell one's ideas and thoughts across different organizational layers is very crucial.

With the increasing advent of cloud computing and software oriented architecture (SOA) applications, the job profiles of IT personnel in organizations will change. Both Generic Thinking and Soft Skills will assume importance.

Generic Thinking will help one understand how to take advantage of the hundreds if not thousands of services that can be utilized by the organization to achieve it's business goals. Soft Skills will help communicate with the non-IT people.

Gray Arrow For Technical ERP Careers, people who can concentrate and focus on one topic deeply usually make for better designers and programmers. So, one must perhaps learn to focus and concentrate better on one thing at a time.

Gray Arrow Meditation Techniques which help increase one's concentration abilities could also be tried out, for those inclined to the same.

Inter-Personal Communication Skills are very important 'Soft' Skills.

Down Arrow Some more suggestions :

Gray Arrow Perseverance and Patience are necessary profitable attributes for ERP Careers.

Gray Arrow As is the Importance of Continous Learning in the IT Industry and concentrating on learning 3 new things everyday.

Gray Arrow Sharing Knowledge with others to ensure that it remains fresh and upto date always helps.

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