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As a Software Technologist,

what are the ERP Career Options ?

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow ERP Software Skills - Generic and Platform Specific

Gray Arrow ERP Software Design and Development - Understanding Technical Aspects Of Specific ERP Environment Specific Software .e.g SAP - Basis, Existing ERP Software Modules and Generic Software Knowledge.

A Background Experience of Software Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing Skills in Databases, Languages (both Generic like SQL and ERP Software Specific) may be required.

Software People with Analysis, Design, Programming and Testing Experience can choose the ERP Technical Software Design and Development Function as a possible Career Path.

Technical Careers in ERP - Title

The ERP Technical Skills Career Path has 2 Main Areas - ERP Software Skills (Both Generic & Platform Specific) & ERP Operations & Administration. These are shown on the left hand side and right hand side respectively.

Technical ERP Careers - ERP Platform Specific Skills e.g. SAP Basis or SAP ABAP and Generic ERP Software Skills for different Operating Systems, Databases and Languages

Down Arrow Generic ERP Technical Knowledge

Tip ! Gray Arrow One Path of Evolution from Specific Technical Knowledge is Towards Technology - Independent Generic Thoughts at Higher Levels of Abstraction.

Understanding of Generic Technology Layers helps in migrating from one ERP Environment to another. It is also useful when the ERP operational data of one organization needs to be integrated with that of another. This is a very common use case in today's dynamic flat world globally competitive economic environment.

Gray Arrow Moving from Systems Administration to a Software Career ?

Gray Arrow For More on SAP Technical Career Options, kindly click here.

For Additional Brief Information on our ERP-Technical
Career Guidance Services, kindly email us your brief specific
queries and latest Resume as per our suggested guidelines.

Down Arrow ERP Platform Operations and Administration .

Gray Arrow ERP Platform - Hardware, Networks, Operating Systems, Databases, ERP Software Specific Operations and Administration.

People who have had experience in maintaining IT Infrastructures of Organizations either as Systems Administrators, EDP-Incharge, Systems Engineers, Hardware Maintenance Engineers with Knowledge of Hardware, Operating Systems and Networks etc can perhaps consider Careers in ERP Platform Operations and Administration.

Since these are mainly Live Operations Oriented Types of Careers, a Strong Software Exposure may not be essential, though it is always useful.


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