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Moving from IT Operations & Systems

Administration to a Software Career

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Down Arrow Moving from a Hardware / Systems Administration Career to Software Development ?

Many people who are in IT Operations and Systems Administration Careers want to shift to the software field.

e.g. SAP Basis Administrators may be tired of their routine operational shift oriented jobs and be wanting to shift to other SAP technical development and functional careers.

Some may perceive better opportunities within alternative IT organizational careers.

Assuming that you are a logical thinker with a methodical and technological bent of mind, the following steps will help you move in that direction.

Gray Arrow Start by using your existing knowledge to list down the systems administration tasks that you perform regularly.

Gray Arrow Begin to automate these gradually using your existing Operating System Level (UNIX, Linux, Windows , Solaris) batch programming, shell commands and other scripting utilities.

You may also look at learning and using Python or Perl or Ruby programming languages to help you with the above.

Gray Arrow Then slowly, increase the scope and complexity of the above daily time saving programming activities, to help finish your existing work activities in a better, cheaper and faster fashion; gradually increasing your productivity.

e.g. SAP Basis Administrators may refer to published SAP and other resources for scripts and tools that automate the daily 'Basis' tasks that are critical for any SAP Production System.

The time saved after automating basic tasks to learn newer skills can also be utilised to help your current organization to satisfy it's business objectives of either raising revenues, cutting costs or satisfying stakeholders.

Also, these 3 skills - SQL, UML and XML are vital learnings for any software professional.

An attempt should be made to learn these. The trick is to work slowly, gradually, but surely building confidence at each step.

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