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What are SAP Operations Career Options ?

Technical Careers in SAP Operations Area

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow For SAP Platform Operations and Administration Careers.

Gray Arrow Consider the software layers within the IT Box.

SAP is at the Standard Software layer. This is above the Operating System Layer & Hardware Layer & below the Customized Software Layer.

SAP Operations career opportunities are within the scope of the Hardware & Operating System Layers.

Down Arrow Desirable Skillsets in Operating Systems, Hardware and Platform usage operations :

Down Arrow Operating System (OS) Knowledge

Usage of Operating Systems required for a SAP Installation. Either UNIX - SUN SOLARIS, HP UX, / LINUX - RedHat, Debian, etc) Variants, Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 Family or IBM OS 400, etc.

Down Arrow Hardware and Platform Operations Knowledge

Gray Arrow Knowledge of Interfaces between SAP, Operating System and Hardware Interfaces and

Gray Arrow SAP Database Configuration and Optimization Possibilities within a specific Platform (Hardware and Operating System) Combination.

Gray Arrow Operational Integration Skills of Hardware, Operating System, Databases (Oracle - DBA) and SAP BASIS Components.

All SAP R/3 Installations include a set of components (called as the R/3 BASIS) that form the core of the system and can be configured for a specific organization.

Understanding SAP R/3 Basis involves Platform Operational and Configurational skills.

Down Arrow Networking Knowledge

Gray Arrow Local Area (LAN) and Wide Area (WAN) Networks Planning and Operations (Knowledge of Various Technologies such as TCP-IP Protocols).

Down Arrow Suggested Book - SAP R/3 Systems Administration by Sigrid Hagemann .

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