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SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications, Products.

An ERP software used for Managing
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in an Enterprise.

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Gray Arrow The different SAP R/3 Modules.

Down Arrow Selecting SAP ?

Gray Arrow Which SAP to choose ? (A Brief Overview of SAP Product Suites)

Down Arrow SAP Products for different sizes of Organizations

Gray Arrow SAP for Small Organizations - SAP Business One

Down Arrow SAP for Mid-Market Organizations

SAP has launched it's On Demand Software Solution - Business ByDesign - SAP has finally entered the On demand Hosted ERP Software Solution Market with their new offering called as Business ByDesign.

This mid-market solution (earlier named A1S) covers the following functional areas - Financials, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HRM (Human Resources Management), Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Compliance Management & Executive Management Support.

It has certain innovations such as Personalized Trial System, Built-In Learning & Automation of Routine Software Tasks among other features.

Pricing starts at USD $ 149 per User Per month. It is available to select SAP customers only in a few countries globally.( 1st October 2007)

Gray Arrow SAP for Medium Organizations - mySAP ERP

Gray Arrow SAP for Large Organizations - mySAP BS (Business Suite)

Gray Arrow Information on above SAP products (except Business ByDesign) on one page.

Down Arrow SAP Products Based on Type of Business

Gray Arrow Vertical Industry / Business Segments

Gray Arrow mySAP All In One - AIO

Gray Arrow SAP Industry Specific - IS Modules.

Down Arrow Selecting SAP ? (cont)

Down Arrow Money Related

The current ongoing & future re-engineering of the entire SAP product suite to SOA - Service Oriented Architecture based principles as well as emergence of On-Demand Software Delivery will naturally lead to significant implications for SAP financial investment decisions as well as their business partner ecosystem.

Organizations are advised to stagger their SAP investment decisions on a Just-In-Time Need-To-Invest-Now basis to ensure that they are protected from future obsolescence and benefit from SOA & SAAS led business model transformations.

Also, the ongoing financial meltdown induced recession has prompted many organizations to start seeking savings from their SAP investments.

Down Arrow Measure SAP Investments and Savings.

Gray Arrow Missing SAP ROI's ? Square Separator SAP For Free ?

Gray Arrow Approximate SAP Project Cost Component Percentages.

Down Arrow Methods Related

Gray Arrow Brief Overview - Checklist Of Points For A SAP Implementation Project.

Gray Arrow SAP ERP - Simplifying All Processes ?

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Down Arrow Some SAAS - Software As A Service Pointers from SAP's 2007 Summit in Mumbai ( 8th June 2007)

Gray Arrow The SAAS (Software As A Service) Trend is poised to be an important market trend not only globally but also Asia Pacific region (including India).

The global SAAS market will treble from USD 6.3 Billion in 2006 to USD 19.3 Billion in 2011.

Gray Arrow The Indian market is forecasted to grow by a CAGR ( Compounded Annual Growth Rate ) of 27% in the adoption of On Demand Software (SAP's terminology for SAAS) upto 2009.

This is faster than the growth rate of 20% for the Overall Enterprise Software market.

Down Arrow SAP Insight - Phased Evolution Of Software On Demand Market

Gray Arrow SAP is viewing the evolution of the Software On Demand market in 5 phases.

These are Hosted Delivery of Basic Features, Richer Functionality in Core Areas, Configuration & Customisation, Extended Analytics & Dashboards and lastly a Partner Ecosystem.

Gray Arrow SAP's SAAS Architecture - Between the 2 basic SAAS architecture options of Multi-tenancy (where multiple organizations share a single instance of the application and database) and Isolated Tenancy (which has individual hosted application and database instances for each customer), SAP's Software On Demand works on the latter option.

SAP also plans to offer customers options to move from on demand solutions to on premise solutions at a later stage.

Gray Arrow Weblog - SAP finally plunges into the ASP (Application Service Provider) Space...

Gray Arrow Is SAP sapping out the Competition ?

SAP Offshore Outsourcing / OffSourcing - Weblogs

Down Arrow Men & Women Related - Make the right SAP Moves !

Gray Arrow SAP Career Section

Gray Arrow SAP Education Certification FAQ and Costs in India.

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