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Hightlight Your SAP Project Experience

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Gray Arrow SAP Consultancies prefer People with a Projects Background rather than a Functional User Background.

Gray Arrow SAP Projects are usually planned in a focussed manner with definite technical & business milestones and pre-defined organizational resources allocated to them.

Gray Arrow Most SAP Functional Consultants need to demonstrate an ability to work in a Resource Constrained Time Bound Compressed Schedule Project Environment, an ability which some SAP Users may perhaps not have.

Gray Arrow As Business Organizations spend a lot of money on SAP projects, they naturally seek to maximize the ROI from them as much as possible.

Gray Arrow The SAP Team with proper organizational support is the crucial enabling link between the organizational goals & the SAP technology.

Gray Arrow You need to demonstrate Project Management Ability in your Career as a SAP End-User.

Gray Arrow Rework your resume to ensure that it reflects your SAP User and Project Management Skills better.

Gray Arrow It should demonstrate that your SAP functional experience has been marked by project-driven milestones.

Gray Arrow You could also supplement your SAP organization specific experience with a formal globally recognized Project Management Education and Certification.

Gray Arrow Remember that the Project is the Key to your & the organization's success.

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