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Complexity of Google versus ERP Software

Some Thoughts.... and Lessons

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Google's simplicity makes it so useful to the world, not just IT professionals.

One must not be misled by Google's search engine's seeming simplicity of their Single Text Box.

There is a lot of 'process science' and complexity behind their simple user interface.

Why cannot Usage of Enterprise software be similarly simple ?

Should that not be the end-objective of all Enterprise Software packages ?

To deliver the most relevant information to the stakeholders of the Organization ?

Which are it's Owners, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Regulators and the rest of the communities.

A typical executive spends only 5 % of his / her time on decision making.

The remaining 95 % time is gathering (searching) data, consolidating information for the 5% decision making step.

Also, Look at the comparative scale issues here between Google and ERP Vendors.

Google attacks the 95% problem universally with billions of webpages and users.

Enterprise Software Vendors address (and should be doing more effectively) the same 95 % issue within the context of the organizational boundaries and beyond (maybe with thousands of users and information stores).

Does it make them more complex ? No.

Once you have a generic science that can effectively take care of the 'different market segments' and 'different line of actions' irrespective of technology and business complexity, you would have solved the problem of compexity and confusion in the Enterprise software marketplace.

Google's search facility does not look similar to the functionality of ERP packages on the shallow surface.

However, do not just estimate Google's strength by just considering their search facility.

Consider all their current (and future unknown) services.

Consider Google Images, Groups, News, Mail, Talk, Publisher Tools, Froogle, and and many (unnamed) more services coming up.

Plus Multiple languages (In India - Hindi, Marathi, etc and in China - Mandarin, Cantonese, etc).

Also, the challenge for Google is to keep addressing the growing complexity.

Based on our multiple software experiences, we can help minimize complications in your Information Systems.

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Not only the English (or other) language documents on the web have to be parsed (understood meaningfully) but also the order of volumes of data that Google handles is far far greater than even the largest of ERP implementations.

(There is HUGE amount of data getting added to the web every single second, even as you read this page).

The challenges both for Google and other Enterprise Software Providers really are addressing unique personalized needs of each consumer as regards her / his data or the information and

Gray Arrow doing it irrespective of device (PC, PDA, Mobile, Blackberry, etc).

Gray Arrow irrespective of geographic location (work, office, India, USA, China wherever)

Gray Arrow and yet maintaining the correct context of the same within the user's reference point of view.

Right now, Google is the closest example on the planet doing the first two of the above, Microsoft trying their best to do the third. (by virtue of their control of the PC's Operating System and Office Productivity Applications) and their 3-4-5 (Our terminology) ERP Unification strategy.

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Updated on 6th February 2009.
Posted on 12th April 2006.

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