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IT Computers and Systems is too complex.

Can we Simplify IT Now ?

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Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School recently mentioned at Nasscom 2009 in Mumbai that every organization is an IT organization that is creating their respective products & services.

IT is today a business foundation enabler.

However, many business leaders are resistant to Information Technology (IT) Driven Change.

The common thinking is that why fix something which is not broke ?

Even if the business situation demands an IT based intervention, because IT solutions for each organization are different, the promised IT reward and return is usually far off in the future as multiple risks along the way need to be addressed.

IT's potential today, though alluring is still an invisible promise today.

Because IT has today become a fundamental driver of business strategy, simplifying IT in the paradoxical situation of it's ever growing business and technical complexity remains a tough challenge.

Because IT has a pervasive effect on our day to day business and personal lives, we need to understand it to the best of our abilities to use IT optimally.

Mention of Technology & all it's associated acronyms which tend to confuse non-IT senior management should be avoided at all costs as much as possible unless absolutely necessary.

Technology acronyms (Alphabet Soups) may sound good and intelligent to drop in conversations but are non-starters as communication tools for dollar driven senior managers.

The problem with spreading technology utilization is that of understanding and discovery. The importance of simplicity in communicating IT is the key here.

Careless complexity leads to more complications.

Down Arrow Information Technology Systems Perspectives Simplified

Kaytek has designed / developed several proprietary business / technology frameworks, methodologies, templates to help simplify the ever growing complexity of IT for organizations & individuals. Some of these are shown below :

Down Arrow Information Technology (IT) Systems Help Us Monitor An Organization's M-Assets as follows :

Square Separator Men (and Women) Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages Square Separator

Gray Arrow M-Assets Mapped To SAP R/3 Modules.

Gray Arrow What's inside The IT Computing Box ?

Gray Arrow System as A 3-Tier Stool of Teams, Tools-N-Technologies and Tradition.

Gray Arrow Current Systems Versus Future (To-Be) Systems.

Gray Arrow Is it tough climbing The Systems StairCase ?

Gray Arrow IT as an Ubiquitous Utility.

Gray Arrow Our Vision of Flexible, Changeable Un-Rigid Information Systems, independent of Technology, Functional Area and Business / Industry Vertical / Segment.

Gray Arrow Can the Complex Mess of Information Technology (IT) Systems be simplified ?

Gray Arrow Software Acronyms Glossary.

Down Arrow Information Systems Application Integration Perspectives Simplified

Gray Arrow Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Gray Arrow Can we help you realise An Integrated Information Infrastructure ?

Down Arrow Information Process Perspectives Simplified

Gray Arrow Business Processes Perspectives

Down Arrow Business Customers and C Suite (CxO..) Executives

Down Arrow For Business Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Specific Executives, some IT concerns and pain areas are as follows :

Square Separator CEO's Square Separator CFO's Square Separator CIO's Square Separator CTO's Square Separator CKO's Square Separator COO's Square Separator

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