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Knowledge Capital and ERP

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT - ERP Consulting Perspectives

Down Arrow Increase in Knowledge Capital during ERP Implementation

An Organization has different types of Assets or Capital - Physical, Financial, Intellectual and Human - Brand and Relationship Capital.

An ERP Project has four components of Return on Investment (ROI) - Money, Time, Knowledge and Brand.

The Money and Time aspects of the organisational gain are the Tangible measurable benefits from using the ERP as a tool to improve the work.

There is also another aspect of the organisational gain - 'A measure of the Increased Knowledge in people's minds."

This is due to the significant amount of ERP Education and Value-Add of the Organization's People during an ERP implementation, leading to an Increase in Intellectual Personal Knowledge Capital.

This process of change realisation, training etc adds certain incremental knowledge value to people via enhanced understanding and enhanced skillsets.

This incremental Personal Intellectual Knowledge

is beneficial to the individual and critical to the organization's future success.

Can we measure "incremental human knowledge capital increase" in the people who are the recipients of the above activities ?

Measuring this incremental knowledge capital increases between the Pre-ERP and Post-ERP Projects at the Enterprise could possibly accelerate acceptability of ERP solutions.

Once Knowledge Capital Measurement Metrics exist and have broad acceptabiility, maybe they could be used to justify projects.

Organizations should be able to put a Numerical $ Dollar figure on the enhanced knowledge due to the 'new and / or different realisations and broader perspectives' in people's minds as a result of the business process improvement, training after an ERP implementation is completed.

Once the C-Suite Executives - the CEO's and CFO's start quantifying and reporting this increase of Intellectual Capital on their statutory financial reports and internal reports, their jobs could perhaps become much more easier as perceived by their shareholders.

This understandably is not easy.

International Financial Reporting Standards Organizations have still not been able to do the same.

Even the late Peter Drucker the renowned Management Consultant had highlighted the Difficulties of Productivity Measurement of Knowledge Workers and New Industries in the 12th January 2004 issue of Fortune Magazine.

Down Arrow Query on Knowledge Capital Addition sent to Major Global ERP Vendors by Kaytek.

Kaytek had posed the following question to Global ERP Vendors.

Gray Arrow Can you suggest of any publicly available website or resources (tools, templates) in your opinion, which can provide an accurate measure of the Increase in the Intellectual Knowledge Capital of the End-Users who have undergone implementation of ERP systems ?

(By Comparing the Increase in Knowledge Capital between the Pre-ERP and Post-ERP Stages).

No Response Received..

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