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How To Retain People
Post-ERP Implementation ?

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Down Arrow People Retention Challenges after ERP Implementations.

Post-ERP Implementation, minimizing attrition and retaining people is really difficult for most organizations (specially SME's / SMB's - Small Medium Enterprises or Small Medium Businesses).

Organizations spend a lot of time and resources on training the employees while implementing the ERP software.

These trained people are easy attrition targets once the ERP implementation has completed it's milestones.

Also, the spread of the success of the organization's ERP implementation happens throughout the industry and markeplace.

Suppliers & Customers come to know of the same and spread the word around.

They know the internal situation as to who are the most competent functional & technical ERP experts in the company.

These faces would be usually visible to all the ERP stakeholders who have been part of the implementation.

The increase in the Intellectual Knowledge Capital of People who have undergone ERP Implementation is Invisible.

But it surely happens.

One visible effect is the updation of their fresh ERP implementation experience success on their Resumes.

When they leave, it Causes a Productivity Drain for Organizations who have just begun to reap the benefits of their fresh ERP Implementation.

It also hurts the Return on Investment (ROI) of the ERP Project.

Since most of the large International IT and Global Software Companies, Consulting Majors are all heavily recruiting from the trained Indian manpower base, this problem will only exacerbate in the years ahead. What is the answer ?

There is no easy answer.

It depends on a lot of factors. Your organizational culture, your pay scales, your market position, state of automation & your future IT & Business plans.

One cannot stop people from moving.

One can only try and minimise the Knowledge Capital Drain as much as possible !

A Tip !! - One way to minimise the problem would be to ensure that your ERP Implementation Documentation (both Technical and User Documentation) is Upto-Date and Current.

Also, do not harbor any Super Stars in your team.

Make sure that all the people are adequately exposed to the complete functioning of the ERP Software and your organization's workings.

Sharing Knowledge Surely Pays in the Long Run !!

Also, in case you cannot retain your internal ERP experts by offering them better incentives and responsibilities, encourage & support their initiatives to look for careers in ERP consulting with outside organizations.

This will surely increase their goodwill towards your organization & enhance your brand equity in the employee marketplace.

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