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Gray Arrow Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform.

Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri is 1st runner-up at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2009 Top Software Architect Contest in May 2009 at Hyderabad. The solution involved Microsoft's Cloud Computing - Windows Azure OS & Services Platform. (16th May 2009)

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Microsoft Dynamics Axapta AX 4.0 uses X++ programming language. Software Developers who have sufficient experience with C++, C# (C-Sharp), Java or Visual Basic (VB) programming languages should be able to work with the same.

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Down Arrow Microsoft's ERP Strategy

Gray Arrow Microsoft has signalled the Death of ERP Software License Fees in India.

It has finally taken the plunge into Subscription Based Hosted ERP Services.

Microsoft is offering 3, 4 & 10 User Material & Financial Accounting Packs of their Dynamics ERP Solutions hosted by one of their business partners.

Down Arrow Microsoft's earlier stated ERP Goal...

This move is in line with the global fundamental shift in the software & services marketplace.

Increasingly ahead, they will be offering 'Live' Versions of all their software products as hosted subscription based offerings to their customers. Microsoft Business Solutions products consisting of Axapta and Navision have been renamed as starting with Microsoft Dynamics. One must not underestimate Microsoft's intention and capabilities in the ERP area.

Down Arrow What is Microsoft's 3-4-5 (Kaytek Terminology) Strategy to integrate it's ERP Offerings ?

Kaytek has termed the Microsoft ERP strategy as 3-4-5 Strategy. This throws some light on their ERP integration plans within their four ERP product (Axapta, Great Plains, Navision & Solomon) families.

A 3 Page Kaytek Note outlining Possible Integration Strategies by Microsoft for it's ERP Offerings : Gray Arrow Part-1 Square Separator Part-2 Square Separator Part-3

Gray Arrow Weblog - Is Microsoft relevant in High-End Enterprise ERP Installations ?

ERP is becoming a Big-Player's Game.

Also, Software is increasingly becoming a service industry, around a product core.

Microsoft's goal was to increase their ERP Revenue to around US 10 Billion $.

As the dynamics of the software industry changes from products to services in the future, nothing prevents Microsoft from bundling an ERP software with their operating system or Office products.

It makes a lot of business and technolgy sense both for Microsoft & end customers.

Just as today many people use Hotmail as an E-Mail service from Microsoft, in the future, SME's and SMB's (Small Medium Enterprises and Small Business Organizations respectively) will use ERP services from Microsoft.

They are perhaps the only end to end player that has expertise in all operating systems spanning application development options right from hosted cloud based services to on premise server & desktop machines.

Since WINDOWS also covers mobile devices (based on Windows Mobile), they are the best positioned player to offer ERP Client services based on smart phones and wireless devices.

Down Arrow Microsoft and SAP's Duet Software

Also, SAP and Microsoft have worked together in better integrating Microsoft Office Applications with SAP's ERP Applications.

They have jointly developed a product called as Duet (under a project earlier called as Mendocino) aimed at improving the end-user's productivity of using their respective individual applications in an increasingly integrated manner.

Duet allows access of data from SAP using Microsoft Office applications as the Front-End.

It helps Enterprise customers (called as Information Workers) with information from SAP Back End Databases automatically integrated in their Office applications. An excellent example of maturity in the ERP market.


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