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The Microsoft ERP Puzzle - 2 / 3

Microsoft's Proposed ERP

Integration Strategy ... More

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An earlier article spoke of Microsoft's proposed Unification strategy for the above four different ERP products - Axapta, Great Plains Navision and Solomon.

Based on questions received on the same, some more points are clarified below.

The problem today with the Information Technology Industry is that each of us in the different software areas e.g. Database, User-Interface, Middleware etc talk in different languages.

The only way we can converse meaningfully is via English, not via our respective technologies.

We should be able to do the same.

That is, be able to talk to each other both at a conversational English level as well as at the level of common technology and business frameworks.

Also, if things were made simple from an end-user perspective without sacrificing the technology backbone, all the things that Satya Nadella talks about are do-able and may be much more.

The state of the IT industry today is too pathetic (from an IT user's point of view) for it not to happen.

There is too much at stake, too many pain areas that are getting complex for business users.

IT has to make things simple.

Fundamentally, what we are perhaps looking at is newer software development paradigms and practices based on much more automation (like the manufacturing industry).

Microsoft's 4 existing ERP applications and others would have to be mapped to simpler unified models, initially as bolt-on's or wrappers.

Then as Satya puts it, all future apps to be designed based on agility and process change as the driving anchor.

The issue really is as to whether a human would do it or an automated software program (like Microsoft wizards in some of their apps today).

Maybe, both would be needed.

Maybe, future systems would automate both the database and code changes based on their ability predict user's requirements.

We do not know.

My guess is that Microsoft or others will provide automated migration tools to move their existing products to the frameworks.

Not necessarily increased complexity for the business users.

For the software developers, Yes.

Just as we have the Internet today which connects us irrespective of physical location with different services like Web, Email, ftp, etc, there could perhaps be a Universal Net-Enabled Services.

These Universal Net-Enabled Services would assist in Connecting the different applications, technologies and hiding their complexities.

Below easy to use and understand contextually relevant universal business and personal metaphors.

That would definitely help.

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