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Brief Kaytek Customer Studies

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Brief Study of Customer's Existing ERP Documentation

Down Arrow Overview of a Brief Study made by Kaytek on the Customer's Internal ERP Documentation

Please note that this brief documents critique is made on the basis of a quick study conducted by us. It does not reflect the capabilities, skills of the customer organization's people involved in helping US prepare the same.

Down Arrow 1.0 - Department-wise Activity Charts :

These have been prepared for the following departments - Accounts, Production, Production Planning,Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Commercial, Purchase and Stores, Marketing and Sales. Our brief feedback is as follows :

1.1 - Complete activities within a department have not been shown. Only the important / critical activities have been shown.

1.2 - It is not easy to understand from these activity charts as to which activities / documents are manual and which are automated (either partially or fully).

1.3 - Only the Process Perspective of the operations has been provided by the Activity Charts.

1.3 - (cont) Other perspectives are not shown ; as needed before implementation of most standard global ERP software packages (e.g. SAP R/3 - Organisation, Information Flow, Data and Function Views).

1.4 - Integration between the different departments activities is not shown fully at all places.

1.5 - These Activity Charts only depict the Current System. They do not depict the proposed future systems specially with the world-class contemporary TPM initiatives and other global aggressive sales turnover growth measures being planned.

1.6 - Within each Department's activities, the different Business Rules which are followed to handle different cases and scenarios have not been shown fully. e.g. Individual Customer Specific (like Export Customers, etc ) Business Rules, Logic and Activities not shown.

1.7 - Since the customer already has their documented quality systems certified by reputed 3rd party consultants, in the activity charts, reference to the same (in terms of critical production and quality processes has not been depicted).

1.8 - The division of activities between Group Companies is not clear in the documentation.

1.9 - Detailed Formats of the documents not present with the above. It is our humble opinion that extensive computerisation (like ERP) needs sufficient thought and planning at the most detailed of levels.

(eg. As per information provided to us, one of the most critical issues of the earlier ERP software implementation was insufficient item code length).

1.10 - Information Flow within and between the different departments at Head Office, Factories and Overseas Warehouse is not depicted fully in the above activity charts.

Down Arrow 2.0 - Business Process Study done by ERP vendor :

2.1 - Integration of the Department-wise Activity Charts not done fully with the Business Processes mentioned in the document.

2.2 - Similarities or Differences between the current systems and those currently supported by the ERP vendor are not mentioned.

2.3 - Integrated View of all Department's Activities has not been provided.

2.4 - It has not been mentioned as to how Critical Issues mentioned (eg. Item Codification ) based on past experience would be addressed by the ERP vendor.

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