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SAP R/3 Software Modules Simplified

Without Jargon and Jitters !

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SAP R/3 Modules - Managing M-Assets Square Separator Men (& Women) Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages Square Separator Miscellaneous..

Kaytek refers to Men / Women, Methods, Money, Markets, Materials, Mortar-Brick, Machines, Messages, Miscellaneous & More as the M-Assets of an organization.

SAP R/3 has it's own naming convention for it's internal modules and components.

It becomes difficult to build an accurate understanding bridge between an organization's requirements & SAP R/3 module capabilities.

To help understand SAP R/3, we have mapped it's modules to an organization's M-Assets.

Down Arrow Money Related SAP R/3 Modules

Just as the love of Money is the root of all things, the Money related Modules in SAP are at it's root and core foundation.

Down Arrow SAP R/3 - Money related Accounting and Financial Software Modules - There are four of them - FI - Financial, CO - Controlling, EC - Enterprise Controlling & TR - Treasury Modules.

Kaytek Money SAP Modules FI CO EC TR

Down Arrow FI - Financial Module Components ( Click To Toggle Details )
Gray Arrow GLX - Extended General Ledger

Gray Arrow AR - Accounts Receivable

Gray Arrow AP - Accounts Payable

Gray Arrow FC - Financial Controlling

Gray Arrow FA - Financial Assets Management

Gray Arrow LC - Consolidation

Gray Arrow AA - Asset Accounting

Down Arrow CO - Controlling Module Components ( Click To Toggle Details )

Gray Arrow CCA - Cost Center Accounting

Gray Arrow ABC - Activity Based Cost Accounting

Gray Arrow OPA - Order and Project Accounting

Gray Arrow PA - Profitability Analysis

Gray Arrow AA - Asset Accounting

Down Arrow EC - Enterprise Controlling Module Components ( Click To Toggle Details )

PCA - Profit Center Accounting and different Information Systems (IS) like

Gray Arrow EIS - Executive IS

Gray Arrow LO-LIS - Logistics IS

Gray Arrow FIS - Financial IS

Gray Arrow HRIS - Human Resources IS.

Gray Arrow Integration with the different components of the CO Controlling Module.

Down Arrow Money Related SAP R/3 Modules (cont)

Down Arrow TR - Treasury Module Components ( Click To Toggle Details )

Gray Arrow CM - Cash Management

Gray Arrow FM - Funds Management and

Gray Arrow TM Treasury Management.

Also it's links and integration with IM - Capital Investment Management and it's modules like FA - Tangible Fixed Assets and FI - Financial Investments.

Down Arrow Materials Related SAP R/3 Modules

Down Arrow SAP R/3 - Materials related Software Modules are MM - Materials Management, PP - Production Planning, QM - Quality Management & LO - Logistics.

Kaytek Material SAP Modules MM PP QM LO

Down Arrow Materials Related Module Components ( Click To Toggle Details )

Gray Arrow MM Module - Materials Management for the Materials Purchasing, Inventory Functional Activities.

Gray Arrow PP Module - Production Planning for the Manufacturing Function.

Gray Arrow QM Module - Quality Management for the Materials.

Gray Arrow LO Module - LOgistics for Materials Movement.

Down Arrow Markets Related SAP R/3 SD Sales & Distribution Module

Kaytek Markets Related SAP Modules SD

Down Arrow SAP R/3 - Markets related Software Module ( Click To Toggle Details )

Gray Arrow SD - Sales & Distribution for Customer Activities

Gray Arrow Kaytek ERP Group Query - Details Of SAP SD Tables

Down Arrow Men / Women (People) Related SAP R/3 HR - Human Resources Module

Kaytek People Men / Women SAP Modules HR PP QM LO

Down Arrow Men / Women Software Module ( Click To Toggle Details )

Gray Arrow Human Resources for People ( Men/Women ) Planning, Payroll, Administration and Management Functions.

Down Arrow Mortar Brick (Physical Assets) Related SAP R/3 Module

Kaytek Mortar Brick SAP Modules PM

Gray Arrow PM Module - Plant Maintenance for the Manufacturing Function.

Down Arrow Managing (Projects) Related

Gray Arrow PS Module - Project System for the Project Management Function.

Gray Arrow Can we help you with our Simplifying SAP Consulting Services ?

We believe in simplifying Understanding Of SAP for it's effective usage within your organization. Email us for more information.


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