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SAP Project Cost Components

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Down Arrow SAP-ERP - Indicative Project Cost Component Percentages

The percentage figures provided are a 'SnapShot' of the Project Costs at a single point in time.

Ideally, One needs to do this exercise multiple times during the implementation of the ERP project and then average out the percentage figures to get more accurate data.

As per a Senior SAP Official, a typical ERP Project would have Cost Breakups as per the following Percentages :

Gray Arrow Hardware 30 %

Gray Arrow Software 30 %

Gray Arrow Services 30 %

Gray Arrow Maintenance - 10 %

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Down Arrow SAP ERP Project Costs

Name of Item & Percentage

A Breakup of Project Costs from a SAP ERP - 200 User Installation - 20 + locations Project for a Company in the Discrete Manufacturing Segment in India had the following components:

Gray Arrow Hardware Cost - 30 %

Gray Arrow LAN / WAN Connectivity - 20 %

Gray Arrow SAP Software License - 20 %

Gray Arrow SAP Implementation - 15 %

Gray Arrow SAP Training - 10 %

Gray Arrow Other Software - 5 %

Total Project Costs - 100%

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