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Vertical Segments are Markets that are Defined as Industry or Business Sectors of Organization Clusters that specialize in Offerings that could either be

Gray Arrow Specific Product or Range of Similar Products

Gray Arrow Specific Service or Range of Similar Services and / or

Gray Arrow Specific Geographies of similar nature.

Due to the above, different organizations would had similar systems characteristics in terms of business processes & regulatory controls & environments.

SAP has believed that the ability to architect and configure based on a foundation of a well-engineered business processes has been it's greatest asset.

It has used this successfully to address well defined verticals or industry segments that share common functionality and systems characteristics as described above.

Above a common foundation which is same for all players within a specific industry vertical, SAP offers the ability to customise and configure it's offerings for individual organizations.

Also, the ability to provide Internet Based supply chain linkages between different organizations across the marketplace is a necessity in today's global environment.

Vertical markets offer an ideal opportunity for the same.

They also enable an ERP vendor to develop deep domain expertise which can be build on a foundation of horizontal technology solutions.

Also, best practices from an industry vertical can then be applied across industry segments effectively.

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