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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Kaytek's Experiences with Integrated
Custom-Built / Standard Accounting Systems

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Business Consulting / IT Services

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Down Arrow Services Sector

Gray Arrow Financial Services Merchant Banking Limited Company - Design, Development, Implementation of Accounting Systems.

Gray Arrow US Multinational Associate - Offshore Drilling Organization - Systems Study of Accounting Operations.

Down Arrow Manufacturing Sector
(Discrete & Process) Organizations

Down Arrow Government Public Sector Mine/Ore Extraction & Processing Organisation - Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Accounting System at Head Office.

Gray Arrow Project Technical Parameters - Source Language : COBOL, Source Code Size : Over 50,000 Lines, Data & Index Files : 16, Number of Screens : 45, Number of Reports : 15, Number of programs : 60, Sites : 3.

Gray Arrow Diamond Tool Tips Manufacturing Company - Study and Analysis of Integrated Excise, Sales and Financial Accounting Systems.

Gray Arrow Metal Handicraft Manufacturer/Exporter

Gray Arrow Consultancy in selecting and integrating standard Accounting with Costing System and Export Documentation System from available third parties.

Down Arrow Manufacturing Sector
(Discrete & Process) Organizations

Down Arrow Marine Sea Food Exporter - Integrated Computerization Project involving Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production and Costing Modules.

Gray Arrow Project Technical Parameters - Operating System : UNIX, Source Language : UNIFY RDBMS with C Host Language Interface, Source Size : Over 18,000 Lines of C & SQL code, Data Tables & Index Files : 20, Number of Screens : 40, Number of Reports : 27, Number of programs : 100.

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Down Arrow Medium sized Private Sector Engineering Company - Manufacturing Financial Accounting with Integrated Excise & Sales Invoicing.

Gray Arrow Project Technical Parameters - Source Language : xBase / Clipper, Source Size : Over 31,000 Lines, Data & Index Files : 82, Number of Screens : 52, Number of Reports : 19, Number of programs : 212.

Down Arrow IT Hardware & Services Organization

Gray Arrow Implementation and Support of Accounting System.

Gray Arrow Web Browser Interface for Reports from Accounting System.

Gray Arrow Office Petty Cash Management Module.

Gray Arrow VAT (Value Added Tax), Income Tax - Fringe Benefit Tax FBT, Service Tax, Regulatory Authorities on various Statutory Reporting and Other Accounting Matters.

Down Arrow Transportation Sector (Airlines and Container Shipping)

Down Arrow Multi-National / Domestic Airlines - Central Bank Reporting from Ticket & Cargo Sales Accounting Systems

Gray Arrow Project Technical Parameters - Source Language : xBase / Clipper, Source Size : Over 43,000 Lines Data & Index Files : 140, Number of Screens : 35, Number of Reports : 43, Number of programs : 305.

Gray Arrow European Container Shipping Line - Study of Accounting Systems and Design of Costing System for Trucking Division.

Gray Arrow Indian Saree Manufacturer - Systems Study of Accounting Requirements.

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