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Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Business Consulting Services

Down Arrow Overall

Gray Arrow Online Study & Review of Various High Court / Supreme Court Decisions in India.

Gray Arrow Selective Advisory Consulting Inputs to affected parties in family / organizational disputes on property & money matters.

Gray Arrow Review / Analysis of Legal Documents of Investment Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS) for a Stock Market Investor.

Gray Arrow Analysis of US Law for creation of intellectual property (Patents & Copyrights) from an offshore location.

Gray Arrow Drafting of Correspondance (Introduction & follow-up letters) to an International Five Star Hotel requesting change of Business Terms of existing service contract due to unforseen contingency situations.

Gray Arrow Advisory assistance in detailed review and preparation of Right To Information (RTI) Applications to various government and other statutory organizations in various public and civic matters at municipal and state government levels.

Gray Arrow Advisory assistance to a garment apparel exporter concerning database theft by an employee for a competitor.

Down Arrow Co-Operative Housing Societies

Gray Arrow Correspondance with Managing Committee on Annual Accounts.

Gray Arrow Legal Advice & Strategic Negotiations between Landlords & Tenants, Flat Purchasers & Building Developers, Estate Agents & Review of legal documentation on behalf of buyers & sellers.

Gray Arrow Legal Advisory Inputs for Disputes between Flat / Plot Owners & Tenants and Managements on various issues including Police & Criminal Actions in matters regarding Co-operative Housing Societies.

Gray Arrow Online Checking with Electric Utility & Regulatory Authorities Of Validity of Propery Ownership Documents Submitted by Landlord for Renting Of Flat for Housing Accomodation in Pune.

Down Arrow Industry - IT

Gray Arrow Interactions with the Tax Regulatory Authorities at different levels and Advisory Inputs on Various Legal Matters in the areas of Direct and Indirect Taxes - Income Tax, Service Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Sales Tax, Works Contract Tax, VAT, Provident Fund, Professional Tax, Employee Welfare Tax.

Gray Arrow Research of Intangible Assets - Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Service Marks Related to Proprietary Organizational Resources in India and the US.

Gray Arrow Monitoring of different kinds of software patents being issued in the US in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Database, Data Processing, Internet, Java, etc.

Gray Arrow Consulting and Review of Proposed Marketing Channel Partner Agreement and other Related Policy Documents.

Gray Arrow Drafting and Preparation of Various Documents - Employee Appointment Letter, Letter of Offer, Potential Partner's Non Disclosure Agreement, Software Development Agreement and other related documents.

Down Arrow Industry - Retail

Gray Arrow Draft of Proposed Franchisee Agreement for a Retailer In Mumbai.

Gray Arrow Search with Indian / US Federal Trademarks / Canada Authorities for Company Name, Logo, Trademark Protection.

Gray Arrow Verifying the Legal Validity of a Brand Name under the Indian Trademark Laws for a Proposed Retail Chain In Central India.

Down Arrow Industry - Airlines

Gray Arrow Detailed System Inputs for Design of Consumer Legal Case Tracking System & Software for monitoring cases filed by passengers in various Indian consumer forums / courts.

Down Arrow Industry - Banking

Study of Legal Case Management System & Allied Processes for a Central Regulatory Bank.

Gray Arrow Some Cyber Security Measures

Down Arrow Indian Cyber Laws

Down Arrow Validity of Email as a legally Binding Contract Document Is an email a valid contract document under Indian laws ?

Down Arrow Kaytek recently answered the above query from one of our customers (A Cargo Clearing & Forwarding Company based in Mumbai).

Gray Arrow The law governing this is The Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000. As per this law, email is a valid and legal form of communication in our country that can be duly produced and approved in a court of law.

Gray Arrow Chapter-III (Point 4, Page 5) of the above Act details about Electronic Governance and provides inter alia amongst others that " where any law provides that information or any other matter shall be in writing or in the typewritten or printed form, then, notwithstanding anything contained in such law, such requirement shall be deemed to have been satisfied if such information or matter is -

(a) rendered or made available in an electronic form; and

(b) accessible so as to be usable for a subsequent reference "

Gray Arrow Chapter IV of the above Act (Point 11, Page 6) also talks about 'Attribution, Acknowledgement and Despatch of Electronic Records' in some level of detail and definitions.

Specific details of all electronic communication within a specific business contract may need to be known to ascertain whether they satisfy all the requirements of the IT Act 2000.

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