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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Industry - Retail Furniture

Marketing Communications Services

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Retail Marketing Consulting Services

Down Arrow Marketing Communications - Overall

Gray Arrow Company Name & Logo

Gray Arrow Marketing Messages, Company Name Communication

Gray Arrow Company Print - (Letter Heads - Size, Logo, Address), Visiting Cards, Envelopes and other Stationery

Gray Arrow Company Newsletter (Print & Email)Strategy, Name, Design, Conceptualistation, Article Content, Preparation


Down Arrow Marketing Communications - Advertising

Gray Arrow Conceptualisation, Design,Creation Development of Newspaper Insert Flier (Single Color - 2 Page)

Gray Arrow Newspaper - Full Color Half-Page Insert Templates for 2 Broad Different Market Segments

Gray Arrow Full Colour Brochure (foldable in 3 sections) - Art Work Preparation, Co-ordination with Artist, Photographer, Printer

Gray Arrow Preparation of Map of Shop Location to assist visitors

Gray Arrow Shop Launch - Banners - Supplier for Printing, Design & Placement Locations.


Gray Arrow Related Integrated Advisory & Consulting Services for the Retail Outlet Square Separator Legal Square Separator Strategy Square Separator Web Site Square Separator

Down Arrow Marketing Communications - Press Relations

Gray Arrow Introductory Shop Write-up (used by various online & print media publications)

Gray Arrow Approach note for Strategizing Brand Attributes

Gray Arrow Press Release for Shop Expansion Opening


Down Arrow Product Communication

Gray Arrow Research of Product Information to communicate Value better

Gray Arrow Product Merchandising Related Communications


Down Arrow Retail Outlet Layout Design

Gray Arrow In Store Signage Square Separator Shop Facilities Square Separator Exteriors Communications


Down Arrow Direct Marketing Strategies

Gray Arrow Mailers / Emailers to Different Segments Square Separator Providing Resources for Creation of Direct Mailers / EMailers


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