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Tip # 5 - Multiple Skills & Unique Talents

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Perspectives

Down Arrow Position yourself as a Multiple Skillsets Person with Fast learnability in unstructured situations.

The days of single functional skills (e.g. Only Accounting or Only Marketing or Only Programming) are dead.

Competing for a job in a flat world is extremely tough. Your competition can creep in from anywhere in the globe.

Equip your skills portfolio with multiple options.

Ideal Skillsets would be Strong Foundational Skills & Experience (e.g. Sales Management) in One Work Area and additional Fringe / Peripheral Skills (e.g. Web Design or Foreign Language, etc) in other work areas.

Like Major & Minor subjects in an academic course, you must possess major / Core / primary & minor / peripheral / secondary skillsets in your career arsenal.

Down Arrow Your Unique Talent in the World

Lastly, all of us are special in our own ways with atleast one unique skill or talent.

An advertisement campaign doing the rounds asks " What makes you special " ?

The trick is in understanding and articulating your uniqueness to be of service to people around you.

Deepak Chopra writes in his book

" 7 Spiritual Laws of Success "

Law of Dharma
- You have a unique talent which only YOU have in the world.

Nobody can do it better than you in the world. Ask yourself as to how you can serve humanity with your skills.

If you are in a position to serve others with your unique skill, you are fulfilling your Dharma in the world.

Material and other forms of success will automatically follow. ....."

It is true.

Service snatches success.

Better still if it is service with a smile.

Truly From the Heart.

Gray Arrow IMPORTANT !! - Make sure you check your Resume for proper English Grammar and Spellings.

A Shabby Resume with spelling mistakes stinks !!

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