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Tip # 4 - Individual Value-Add Calculator

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Down Arrow Your Value-Add Calculator - Are you Contributing Measurable Value to your Company ?

For Salaried Employees in India, 1% of your Gross Monthly salary Plus Expense Reimbursements Plus Costs of Company Facilities and Benefits is your approximate hourly cost to the company. e.g. If a person's monthly gross income is Indian Rupees (Rs.) 30,000 inclusive of salary, expense reimbursements & cost of company benefits, cost to company (CTC) is atleast Rupees 300 per hour.

Your objective should be to deliver measurable value-add that is atleast 3 times your Cost To Company (CTC) to the organization or atleast 3 % of your gross monthly salary per hour.

Down Arrow Hourly Cost To Company (CTC) and Individual Value-Add Online Calculator - Please enter your Monthly Gross Base Salary including all allowances, Expense Reimbursements, Cost of Benefits & Compulsory Regulatory Deductions Below. (Browser To Be Javascript Enabled).

Your Hourly Cost To Company (CTC) @ 1 % of Your Monthly Gross Salary and Your Hourly Expected Value-Add Contribution @ 3 % of Your Monthly Gross Salary will get calculated accordingly.

Use the TAB Key to Move Between Fields for Recalculation.

Down Arrow Simple India Payroll CTC Calculator ( Beta )

Down Arrow Use the CTC / Value-Add Calculator to estimate your Expected Value-Add Per Hour.

Down Arrow Your Monthly Figures Input Data Entry
Down Arrow Rs
Gray Arrow Enter Gross Salary inclusive of all earning components before any statutory deduction. (*) - Mandatory
Gray Arrow Enter Expense Reimbursements.
Gray Arrow Enter Cost Of Benefits & Facilities.
Gray Arrow Enter Statutory Deductions.
Down Arrow Cost To Company Calculations
Down Arrow Rs
Gray Arrow Your Monthly Cost To Company (CTC) (Inclusive Of 100% Of Your Direct Costs As Organizational Overheads)
Gray Arrow Your Yearly Cost To Company = Monthly CTC X 14 Months (12 Months + 1 Month Bonus + 1 Month Leave)
Gray Arrow Your Hourly Cost To Company
Gray Arrow Your Hourly Expected Value-Add To Organization

For the above Rupees 30,000/= Monthly Gross Salary plus Reimbursements plus benefits in India, you should be able to give benefits to the company of atleast Rupees 900/= per hour (3 %).

In today's scenarios of global outsourcing and uncertain long-term job prospects, this is very important. Managements want to ensure that every employee returns to the organization atleast 3 times their Total Cost To Company.

Gray Arrow Tip - Only Employees who consider their organizational employer as a Customer and themselves as Value Add Profit Centers for the Organization will possibly be assured of long-term career success.

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Down Arrow How do you add value to your organization ? - By helping in it's goals in 3 main areas :

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Gray Arrow Create Your Own Customized Cost To Company Calculator

Gray Arrow We can help Human Resource (HR) departments & Employer Organizations (Large, Medium & Small) build your own personalized company specific web based Cost To Company Calculator. Contact Us for more details.

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