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CV - Resume Preparation / Enhancement Tips

Tip # 1 - Introduction To Preparing A Resume

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"There are no secrets to success.

Don't waste time looking for them.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence."

Colin Powell, Ex-US Secretary of State.

In a digital global economy, Your CV or resume is the most important document of your professional career.

Also, because most recruiters tend to initially skim through resumes, it must stand out and shine in the reap of resumes received.

It must seek to grab the reader's limited precious attention as fast as possible.

And convince him or her that you are the best possible candidate to fulfill the job requirements.

The quicker your resume can help the recruiter decide in your favour, the better it is for you. Your resume tests your written communication skills.

Attention Deficit while reading resumes at the recruiter's end is a serious reality that a candidate has to acknowledge and work accordingly.

It is your personal brand building and marketing statement and first chance to put across your life's professional and personal snapshot to a stranger.

Whatever time you spend on polishing it, is worth the investment.

Your Resume must be structured in a Modular Point Form.

It must be logically organised and demonstrate your Experience and Expertise to the reader in the shortest possible time.

Also, it must not only show what you are capable of doing, but how your experience can benefit the person who reads your CV.

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Ideally, it must be tailored to the unique specific needs and desired requirements of the reader.

Down Arrow Caution

Do remember that many times, recruiters prefer to meet candidates face to face to get a first hand feel of the person.

CV's can only convey a certain (limited) perspective of the individual.

Hence, interviewers prefer a meeting to gauge whether the candidate meets upto the expectations that are built via the Resume.

So one has to be extra careful in preparing a resume so that neither excessive expectations are built nor are one's skills undersold.

The art in balancing the above is your career prosperity key.

It is crucial that your accomplishments and achievements and perhaps even failures (they are a sign of honest admission) are reflected on your resume in an attractive useful professional manner.

This will brighten your prospects for the next stage of the recruitment process.

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