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CV - Resume Preparation / Enhancement Tips

Tip # 2 - Suggested Structure of the Resume

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Down Arrow Suggested Structure Of The Resume Document.

Resume to be in Modular Format, 1st page to be a complete snapshot summary with hyperlinks (or Bookmarks) to different detailed sections, as shown below.

Also, these detailed sections also should have the facility to go back to 1st Main Page (like web pages).

(If you prefer, make 2 sets - One a Broad Overview Resume of 1/2 Pages and another Detailed Resume with separate Sections).

Each unique attribute of your career (e.g. Education, MBA, Job-1, Job-2, etc) should be on a separate line with hyperlinked details in separate sections.

Down Arrow Suggested Structure for 1st Main page

Gray Arrow Career Objective in 3 - 4 lines. Both Short-Term & Long-Term Career Objectives must be mentioned.

Gray Arrow Job Preferences (Location, Desired Responsibilities Must be mentioned.)

Gray Arrow Professional Achievements (2-3 lines for each job, mentioning organizational names)
- Company 1
- Company 2

Gray Arrow Educational Achievements - 1 to 2 lines for each Qualification.

Make sure that you provide the explanations for the acronyms used for the academic qualifications as all readers may not be familiar with the same.

Gray Arrow Personal Details - Include details of outside work social interests - Position yourself as a person who is equally comfortable with people as well as technology.

In case your educational foundation is weak, highlight social / extra-academic achievements, team work achievements, etc.

Gray Arrow Any foreign language skills ? - Please Highlight The Same. Multiple Language Skills are very important in a Globalized World.

Gray Arrow References (Just provide link to detailed section).

Highlight all Brand Names of either your current or previous organization or it's products.

People relate to and connect with these names easily.

People do not know you.

But they know these Brand names.

Use this fact to get an advantage over other competing candidates.

Preparing a structured resume positions you as a person who is thoughtful and meticulous in presenting his or her skills.

This augurs well for future career success.

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