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Offshoring Lessons N Learnings

Kaytek's Offshore Software Project for an

European Multi National Organization - 3/3

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Offshore Outsourcing Experiences

Down Arrow This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Article that highlights some Lessons and Learnings from Kaytek's experience of an Offshore Outsourcing Project executed by us for a European Multi national Organization for their multiple locations in the Asia Pacific region.

Down Arrow Global IT Projects

Gray Arrow IT Technologies from USA
Gray Arrow Requirements from Europe
Gray Arrow Software Skills from India
Gray Arrow Solutions for the High Growth Asia Pacific Region.

Gray Arrow Previous Parts - 1-2

From the time of it's initial inception to it's final completion as per the Customer's requirements, the Project's Scope and Functionality in the two main critical modules also increased by 52 % and 108 % respectively.

Kaytek was able to address the above challenges by it's extensive Documentation practices (900 and 800 pages of Technical and User Documentation respectively).

All Internal, External Project Meetings, Email, Fax, Letter Exchanges were carefully documented and preserved as per our standard practices.

Both the Prototype and the India Pilot were Successfully tested by the customer multiple times over the project duration.

The complete software telephone interfaces and screen interfaces were found to be very easy to use and understand by the customer as per the personal and email feedback received from them.

However, we appreciate that as the user's knowledge of the system increases, they would provide much additional qualitative feedback on system usage and interface issues.

Kaytek had conservatively projected savings of US 1,50,000 $ to the customer over a 3 year time period.

The customer's Head Office in Paris took a decision to let each office implement the software on their own.

Since Kaytek was not involved in the final implementation of the above software, we do not know the final cost savings that the customer realized from the project.

In our humble opinion, more than the cost savings, the software if strategically used would give the customer a competitive edge in the marketplace.

In fact, the customer planned to do this in precisely in China due to it's potential there.

Down Arrow What are the lessons and learnings from this specific Offshore Project?

Gray Arrow First, can projects be done completely via the Internet with minimal face to face contact ?


Provided Communication is Honest, Transparent and Quick with proper Interfaces at both ends.

Gray Arrow Second. Technical issues are usually not the problem.

Cultural Differences have to be understood early in the project and resolved quickly.

They can either make or mar the project.

Gray Arrow Third. There is an opportunity for Product Software companies in US / Europe to tie up with Custom Software Developers in India / China to offer Solutions for the Asia Pacific Region.

The above project is a prime example of such a possible global co operation.

Gray Arrow Lastly, Trust is extremely important for a long term relationship, especially an offshoring remote work arrangement between two organizations located thousands of miles away, connected by the Internet and a common understanding of work practices and methods.

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