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Offshoring Lessons N Learnings

Kaytek's Offshore Software Project for an

European Multi-National Organization - 1/3

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Down Arrow This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Article Series highlighting some Lessons and Learnings from Kaytek's experience of an Offshore Outsourcing Project executed by us for a European Multinational Organization for their multiple locations in the Asia Pacific region.

Down Arrow Global IT Projects

Gray Arrow IT Technologies from USA
Gray Arrow Requirements from Europe
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Gray Arrow Solutions for the High Growth Asia-Pacific Region.

For the Asia-Pacific headquarters of one of our multinational airline customers in Europe, Kaytek designed and developed a Marketing Interactive Voice Response software to be implemented in 15 offices in 10 Asia Pacific (APAC) countries.

The software project design and construction had some unique offshoring features with standard technologies being sourced from the US for deploying a custom built software solution in APAC markets. The Project had quite a few challenges which are highlighted below :

Down Arrow Complete Turnkey Responsibility

Kaytek had the complete responsibility for the project, right from sourcing the hardware components to the standard software selection increasing the challenges and risks.

Down Arrow Multiple Country Project Scope

The Customer's headquarters are based in France, Europe. The Customer's Asia Pacific Headquarters was initially located in HongKong and then shifted to Bangkok, Thailand.

Down Arrow New Customer Process, Hence Bare Minimum Software Requirements

The Standard Hardware and Software Components were sourced from US suppliers.

The software was designed and developed in India to be implemented in the following countries : Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand.

The Customer's Representatives being mainly Sales Personnel were not very IT knowledgeable technically. From their side, only a single paragraph requirement was provided to Kaytek.

From this Minimal requirements, Kaytek had to successfully design the software.

Also, because, this was a new activity being planned by the customer, there was no existing similar system or process in place for Kaytek to be able to study, benchmark and improve upon.

Down Arrow Complex Software Design (Multiple Language Telephone Interactions)

The Software had to provide for User Interactions mainly via Telephone in the following languages : Cantonese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Thai. This increased the project challenges considerably.

Down Arrow Mainly Internet Based Online Project Interactions

Without the Internet, this project would have never been possible. There were only about half a dozen face to face formal meetings between Kaytek and the customer representatives. The Rest of the project interactions were mainly online using email and telephone.

Down Arrow Change of Project Scope/Specifications over long calendar period

Every software project faces the risk and challenge of change in project scope and specifications.

In this case, due to various reasons outside Kaytek's and the customer's control, the project's calendar period got extended leading to increased risks and costs both for Kaytek and the customer.

Down Arrow Challenge - Complete Turnkey Responsibility

Kaytek handled the complete responsibility for the project, right from sourcing the hardware components to the standard software selection.

Kaytek addressed the risks and challenges via the following :

Down Arrow Methodical Stage wise Approach :

Kaytek ensured that a Methodical Stage wise Approach was followed throughout the Project Cycle using a modified approach of our standard software methodology.

An Initial Prototype, then a Pilot Project in India and then the final Software Project Delivery.

At every stage there was extensive dialogue and communication with the customers in the different countries.

Down Arrow Best Of Breed Hardware and Software Technologies :

Kaytek evaluated and selected the Best Possible Standard Hardware and Software Technology Components for this project as Building Blocks for the Custom Solution.

The selection process of these technologies was fully documented and transparent to the customer.

Both the Standard Hardware and Software Technologies were selected from US Companies who were world leaders in their respective areas, even though their solutions were more expensive than cheaper competitive products.

Down Arrow Challenge - Multiple Country Project Scope

Kaytek handled the following large geographic project span challenges :

(Continued in Next Part 2)...

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