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Careers in Computers - Transcript - Part 3/8

Interview of Mr. Mahesh Khatri (MK) by All India Radio - AIR Correspondent - Ms. Hema Waghmere on AIR - FM 2 - 100.7 Mhz - Yuva Manch (Hindi Meaning as 'Youth Forum') Program. (The original Interview in Hindi has been edited & translated into English.)

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Down Arrow Transcript Of The Interview - Part 3

Down Arrow 5.0 - Growth of the Indian IT industry and future prospects.

MK : The IT industry revolution came to India in the mid 1980's, when the government of India announced a new computer policy.

The Government policy makers realized that India had the 2nd largest technical background English knowing workforce in the entire world.

Since then a revolution came which show-cased India's IT skills globally. In the last 10 years you will be pleasantly surprised to know that our IT industry has grown by 30 times.

Despite the slowdown last year, the revenue of the industry grew by 40% and today it is around US 8 billion $ or Rs 50,000 crores.

And this revenue is formed by supply of our services to renowned companies around the world.

Hema : This means that we have made so much progress in so little time.


MK : The luminaries of the IT industry say that there is no other example globally, where you have 50% progress per annum.

I would like to tell you something else which is very simple to understand.

If the progress of the IT industry is compared to that of the automobile industry, it is seen that a car which today costs Rs. 2,50,000, if it had been developed according to the norms of the IT industry, it would cost only Rs. 1300 today.

Hence every year, there is tremendous progress, technology becomes better, faster and cheaper.

Down Arrow 6.0 - Effect of US Slowdown on India's IT industry's prospects.

Hema : This was very interesting what you said Mr. Khatri.

Today the computer field has slowed down as it is said.

Yet people say that we should get a computer education or it should be seen as a career option.

What do you say ?


Gray Arrow Interview Transcript - Part 4

MK : I have two answers for this.

The first is that in any field - medicine, management, engineering or law, - the computer is used as a tool so any knowledge acquired towards this will never be wasted.

The other side is that the slowdown, by any standards, is not as bad as it seems. I have already told you, that in the past 10 years, the IT field has seen 30 times growth.

The 50-60% percent growth since last year was not there this year since all over the world, there was an economic slowdown.

But reputed industry experts say that the IT industry will have a 25-30% growth for the next few years. which when compared to other fields is quite good.

Also, consider the potential in India. 2-3 years ago, only one US city New York, had more computers (8 Million) than the total computers in India.

Therefore India has a lot of future potential for computerisation.


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