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Careers in Computers - Transcript - Part 6/8

Interview of Mr. Mahesh Khatri (MK) by All India Radio - AIR Correspondent - Ms. Hema Waghmere on AIR - FM 2 - 100.7 Mhz - Yuva Manch (Hindi Meaning as 'Youth Forum') Program. (The original Interview in Hindi has been edited & translated into English.)

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Down Arrow Transcript Of The Interview - Part 6

Down Arrow 9.0 - New advances - Wearable Computers.

Hema : The story you said was very good and very interesting. Now you were telling us about wearable computers, which you can wear and go around - please tell us something about it. Whatever you have now said about things becoming very small, for example, the computer, which has become smaller and smaller.

The computer before, and the computer now, has quite a lot of differences in efficiency.


So it is possible to get a smaller computer, as you said. But would it be more expensive or will its price also decrease ?

MK : In electronics it is seen that as its technology keeps improving, its use for the masses, e.g. mass production becomes easier.

Today the smallest computers are about the size of a briefcase or even palm sized. Also, today's mobile phones and even toys have miniature computer chips.

Abroad a new breed of computers known as wearable computers have been developed. These will act as a 24-hour nurse, to monitor your health conditions. Maybe a sugar level monitor for a diabetic patient.

If in an emergency, you have to go to the hospital, the authorities will use this body computer to determine your blood group, your family doctor's name and transfer all information into the hospital computer.

A lot of research and development is being carried out in the USA on these wearable computers. There is a new field called Bio-Informatics; these scientists have mapped and analysed the entire gene sequence in the human body.

In the future the wearable computer will remain alert 24 hours a day and keep monitoring your body parameters. Due to the small size of these computers, they can also work as mobile phones.

An example of a related device is the GPS or Global Positioning System which, with the help of the satellites can give you your location in the world, hence you can never get lost.

In the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq, many American soldiers had this device. These wearable computers will come to India only in another 10 years or so, and they will be useful to all especially elderly people.


Gray Arrow Interview Transcript - Part 7

The medical industry puts a lot of importance on time, in case of emergency, you should know what kind of medicine you should be receiving.

Hence as technology keeps progressing it will be produced for the use of the masses; e.g. a mobile phone when it was first introduced in India was costing Rs. 25,000 to 30,000, today you can get mobile phone for quite small sums of money - Rs. 5,000 to 6,000.

Our hope is that in future the use of these products will be for the masses.


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