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Careers in Computers - Transcript - Part 7/8

Interview of Mr. Mahesh Khatri (MK) by All India Radio - AIR Correspondent - Ms. Hema Waghmere on AIR - FM 2 - 100.7 Mhz - Yuva Manch (Hindi Meaning as 'Youth Forum') Program. (The original Interview in Hindi has been edited & translated into English.)

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Down Arrow Transcript Of The Interview - Part 7

Down Arrow 10.0 - Effect of software engineers returning back to India from overseas.

Hema : Just now we were talking about the Indian people not going abroad, yet because of the recent WTC tragedy, many engineers have come back to India.

Also, these people who came back, affected the job prospects of people who had done computer education courses from the local institutes.

This has been sad.

What do you have to say on this ?

MK : If you see the people who are returning back, most of them have got good experience overseas.

Earlier, our engineers going abroad was called as "brain drain".

Today it is called as "brain gain" as these returning people bring first-hand practical knowledge of the advanced economies which is very helpful.


It is also a gain because these engineers who come back expect systematic organised work environments and lifestyles from the local companies here.

This benefits everybody.

Those people who are emerging fresh from schools and colleges must learn from these experienced people.

Even though the freshers are very bright and have good academic knowledge, they must first learn to put it to practical use.

Your knowledge is not for yourself, it is for those who are less knowledgeable.

In the IT industry every month for example, more than 50-60 new products are released into the market.

Therefore the lifelong learning in this field is very important.

The industry problems have become so complex that it is not the capacity of one person alone to solve problems, many people have to work towards it together.

Even if you are as intelligent as say Mr. Bill Gates, you cannot do anything as a single individual; you require a team or group with whom you can work.

This is because technical knowledge is not only in one area, but in many areas.

Even if you are knowledgeable in one area, experienced people can provide a valuable independent perspective. Team work is absolutely essential.

Hema : Hence we should keep hope and without fear invest our money for education into the computer field, it will always be useful.


MK : The slowdown according to me is temporary and the new people coming out from these IT schools and colleges should know that their education is not over, but it has just begun.

Hemaji, in today's new economy, your house, possessions are are only one part of your wealth. Your actual wealth is your applied knowledge and practical learning. Today, people are first asked about their educational background because with intelligent application of the same, you have a bright future anywhere in the world. This is a message to the youth that whatever you are studying is for your own good and it will help only you later in life.


Gray Arrow Interview Transcript - Part 8

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