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" Is a High SEI CMMI-DEV Level Rating necessary

for A Software Development Organization ? "

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Carnegie Melon University's Software Engineering Institute SEI (External Link) has created Capability Maturity Models (CMM) to benchmark the quality of development processes being followed by software organizations.

Based on the quality of the processes in the organizations, SEI CMM Ratings are given for Software Quality with 1 at the lowest and 5 at the Highest Quality.

India has the largest number of SEI CMM Rating Level $ & Level 5 Companies in the world. SEI's PMM - People Maturity Model is also quite popular in India.

Although most people agree that SEI CMM is the right way to go from a Software Process Engineering point of view, doubts have also been raised about the same.

This Article (External Link) states :

" CMM is NOT a measure of technical quality. It is merely a measure of PROCESS, i.e. a measure of how a software project is managed, e.g. how often is work peer-reviewed.

As even an official at SEI, CMM's originator and main locus, says, "You can be a Level 5 organization that produces software that might be garbage."

In fact, a study found that Level 5 firms actually had MORE code defects than the other firms.

The case study enclosed below also shows this kind of problem.

Refs: Bursting the CMM Hype, Christopher Koch, CIO Magazine, (External Link) March 1, 2004, Network Computing, March 16, 2003. "

SEI CMM Database Sources and Reference Checks are an absolute must to verify the genuineness of a software organization's quality efforts.

In India, most of the large software companies proudly boast of their High SEI CMM and PMM Rating levels.

I look at the same as Necessary, but perhaps not Sufficient Attributes to creating good quality software or any other product.

Gray Arrow The 3 T's Of System As The 3 Tier Stool mapped to the 3 Critical dimensions of an organization's work as mentioned in the SEI document titled CMMI for Development Version 1.2.

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Earlier, we tried to check if whether Microsoft or SAP (Both excellent global Software Product Companies) were SEI CMM or PMM certified. We still do not know the same.

Like the old story of the emperor with no clothers, smart customers will perhaps see through the emperor's fig leaves when any organization tries to justify a high SEI Level Rating as an end by itself.

Gray Arrow Kaytek's Analysis and Clarifications on SEI (Software Engineering Institute's) Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI).

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