What is A System ? It is a way of doing things. Involving People, Processes and Technologies. Can a system be easily described ?

(c) Kaytek 2005 onwards - A System as a 3 Tier Stool

(c) Kaytek 2005 onwards - Copyright Mahesh Khatri India
(c) Kaytek 2005 onwards - Copyright Mahesh Khatri India

Visualize it as A 3 Tier Stool.

Down Arrow The 3 Tier Stool Consisting of the 3 T's.

Gray Arrow The first T - Teams of People.

Gray Arrow Working with the second T - Tools and Technologies.

Gray Arrow And the third T - Tradition. The Processes. Either Information processes or other processes. The usual ways of doing things in an Organization.

Down Arrow The 3 Tier Stool Mapped To CMMI-DEV

Carnegie Mellon University's - Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has created CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration which is a Process Improvement Maturity Model for the development of products and services. CMMI for Development called as CMMI-DEV provides a comprehensive integrated solution for development and maintenance activities applied to products and services.

In the SEI document titled CMMI for Development Version 1.2, in the 'Introductory Section' on Page 4 ; reference is made to the three critical dimensions that organizations focus on : people, procedures and methods and tools and equipment. The 3 T's of the 3 Tier Stool can thus be mapped to the SEI CMMI-DEV reference as follows :

3 T's Of the 3 Tier Stool mapped to CMMI-DEV - 3 Dimensions

Teams - People

Tradition - Procedures & Methods

Tools & Technologies - Tools & Equipment

Gray Arrow System As 3 Tier Stool Square Separator More Square Separator Current Square Separator Future

Gray Arrow A Perspective - Should Information Systems be complex ? Maybe for their creators. But 'Not' for their business users.