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Only God Can Save Us

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Outsourcing Consulting Perspective

Only God Can Save Us.

This piece was earlier written on 12th March 2004, the 11th anniversary of the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts.

No, this is not the thought that crossed through our minds in Mumbai 11 years ago, on this very day.

It was the desperate plea made by a Helpless CIO of a Financial Services Company to the CEO of this extremely successful Indian software products company - I-Flex making waves worldwide.

His IT Systems were in a major mess.

The CEO replied.

" We Indians are very religious and close to God.

We can do it. "

The Offsourcing Option is an Oasis in the Dollar Desert.

If my next-door neighbour cooks food better than I do, food with tastes that suit my stomach and budget, and is willing to offer me the same 3 times a day, why should I have a kitchen ?

Do we cook the best food in the world ?

If not, The Heat in the Software Kitchen was too much.

Many of us should have probably stepped out a long time ago.

A Software Company died every working Day.

For the past ten years.

The last decade has sadly seen the daily funeral of 2500 software companies in the US.

Gray Arrow Oracle TakeOver Of this Financial Services Organization - I-Flex in Mahesh Khatri's Weblog.

God could not save them.

Are there options to death ?

Probably, Reincarnation.

Would Programmer Patel prefer to be re-born in India ?

Or Possibly, Learn to Leverage the Offshore Option Optimally.

Or maybe, move to India.

Remember, it's a warm and (still) hospitable country.

Our many Gods surely ensure that.

Postscript : The Beleagured Financial CIO above remarked after the project " You Guys did a miracle."

Down Arrow Why India for Offshore ?

India generates 4,00,000 'Potentially Employable' Technical Graduates per annum.

That is more than a 1000 people per calendar day.

This is a huge Human Capital Resource and would have the ability to generate critical mass for Intellectual Property creation not only in the IT Industry but also in other industries which are research driven eg. Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Financial Services, Design, etc

The patents awarded to US organizations operating from India is ever increasing.

Within the software industry, many Indians are getting patents for organizations such as Adobe, Oracle, IBM , Microsoft, etc.

This is adding to the technical intellectual property strength in the country.

Global IT Services is a US 2 Trillion Dollars Industry.

India perhaps has a 2-3 % market share which is not even a blip on the horizon, if you may call it one.

Indian intellectual manpower is available at perhaps less than ten times the cost of a comparable US resource in today's markets.

Similar to the Japanese automobile industry in the eighties and the Chinese low cost high volume manufacturing might in the nineties, Indian IT services industry is poised to attain global status in the 21st Century.

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