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Offshoring / OffSourcing of Services - Why India ?

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Down Arrow India Insider Insights.

Down Arrow Impact Of India's Special Economic Zones (SEZ) on neighbouring countries

The true ability of some of India's neighbouring countries being able to attract & retain world class talent will be further tested once the large scale SEZ's in India start becoming operational.

Besides offering a world class (as is claimed now) infrastructure and a tax free operating status for it's occupants, the advantages of operating in a democracy (not so perfect, though) still attract many people (especially high skilled professionals).

India offers many advantages to both foreign expatriates as well as returning NRI (Non Resident Indians) who want to take advantage of the high economic growth rates currently. The weak spots are Education & Physical Infrastructure.

Also, the continuing dollar inflow & the recent Finance Ministry / SEBI moves have also hinted at India becoming convertible on the financial capital account in a few years time. (Thanks to the Internet, India is already convertible on the knowledge capital account).

There are also moves to make Mumbai an International Finance Centre.

It will be a challenge for neighbouring countries to attract world class human capital. However, some of them do have the agility & flexibility to create investor friendly policies to match India's strong domestic markets. It is surely exciting times for investors in Asia.

Down Arrow Making (not so easy) Money in India.

Gray Arrow India As A Market for Global Products and Services.

Gray Arrow Investments in India !

Gray Arrow NRI's (Non Resident Indians) Returning Home...

Down Arrow India Regulatory / Legal Issues.

Gray Arrow India - Politics and Development.

Gray Arrow Mumbai Urban Infrastructure Civic Issues.

Gray Arrow Taxes in India !

Gray Arrow Some of India's Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.

Gray Arrow " India's Legal - Labyrinth ? "

Gray Arrow " Martha Maliced in Legal-Land ? "

Down Arrow Will US Offshoring be bad for the Indian Economy ?

The US is India's largest customer for Offshored Services.

Some thoughts suggested by analysts as to why US offshoring could be bad for India's economy :

Gray Arrow Indian economy becoming Overly Dependent on the US.

Gray Arrow Indian youngsters look on Call Center jobs as good easy money (however, many of these jobs may have very little intellectual inpsiration and scope for personal growth).

This could perhaps lead to large numbers of youngsters not focussing properly on higher education as a means to grow ahead in their careers.

Gray Arrow Also, easy money earned by these youngsters at an early age sometimes distorts their value systems.

Many of them start earning more at the start of their career than what their parents earned at the time of their retirement.

Gray Arrow Lastly, as offshoring increases, the US Economy's dependence on India increases, which may lead to possible potential political interventions in the long run.

Gray Arrow Weblog - Indian Roadside Role Models.

Gray Arrow India As A Source for IT (Information Technology) Products and Services.

Gray Arrow Quality Initiatives in India !

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