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Bangalore's Billion Bucks Big Blue Bash

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

This article was written as an Offshoring Weblog from India on a global technology knowledge sharing website.

It was on 16th April 2004 during the week when Infosys celebrated crossing a Billion Dollars in Sales Turnover

Oops !

Did I write 'Big Blue' above ?

It should have been 'Light Blue' Bash .

That was the predominant color in Bangalore last week.

When Infosys had Bangalore's Biggest Bash on crossing a Billion Dollars Sales Turnover.

Besides Bounties for their shareholders, the entire company people were attired in 'Light Blue' T-shirts.

Perhaps, a subtle message ( to the 'Big Blue' Company ?? ) not to take the 'Light Blue' Folks lightly ?

Last Tuesday was indeed a proud moment for India.

For Infosys being the fastest company to cross a Billion Dollars.

Talking of speed, I notice that comments have been fast exchanging between visitors on this page.

Thank you for the same.

Sometimes, they are like Oxygen to Bloggers.

Lessons from the Infosys story and the India's two other Billion Dollar Software Companies (TCS and WIPRO) ?

Transparency & Ethics right at the Top.

Both in Intentions and Processes across the organization and outside.

Essential Attributes for all High Tech Companies which depend on Human Capital as the Foundation of the Knowledge Economy.

Besides Common Sense, it is supported by Research, too.

For those of you interested, Google for HBR Harvard Business Review's January 2003 Article - 'Fair Process : Managing in the Knowledge Economy'.

Plus The Vision To Reach The Top.

And Strive To Remain There.

Remember, at high peaks, there is less oxygen.

Indeed, India's 3 top Software Companies have many lessons for us all.

At least for me personally, so far.

I hope, for you too.

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