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Gray Arrow New ! Mr. Mahesh Khatri appointed as a member of SPJIMR (SP Jain Institute of Management & Research) Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) for the academic year 2021 - 22. (3rd August 2021).

Down Arrow Success Factors For Global Uniqueness

Gray Arrow Some Thoughts for Organizations aspiring for differentiating their services globally in our Consulting Section.

Down Arrow The New Organization

Gray Arrow Managing Intangible Capital.

Gray Arrow The New Organization Perspectives in the Era of Global Business and the Ever-Connected Web.

Down Arrow Topsy-Turvy World Of Business

Employees & Customers Inter-changing Their Roles !! ?

Down Arrow Indian Railways Versus the Low Cost Airlines - Ecosystem Efficiencies

In the recent Davos conference, it was mentioned that the number of passengers that travel by train every day is more than the number of passengers that fly every year in India.

In profitably managing such a large 300 times plus (in passenger volumes) Goliath organization, the Indian Railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav in yesterday's Railway Budget has demonstrated that even dinosaurs (as the Indian Railways was once perceived in the challenge of the low cost airlines) can run and even fly.

Managing the Ecosystem of these low cost airlines in India in the challenging face of a Lalu-Leveraged Indian Railway turnaround is indeed a huge challenge !
(28th February 2008 )

Down Arrow Managing a Global Organization

In a flat 24 X 7 world, managing a global organization has indeed become a huge challenge (as well as an opportunity). Our Knowledge Of Global Management & Business is getting rapidly obsolete due to the pervasive spread of Technology.

The Rules of The Game Have Changed. Actually, The Game itself has changed.

Also, there are multiple games to be played.

In Multiple Markets.

The Traditional Customer Markets.

And The Not So Traditional Employee Talent Markets.

Down Arrow Honoring Committments as a Smart Management Strategy

" Special Ideas are Many-A-Minute, it is execution which is the key. "

Gray Arrow Egoless Execution...

Tip Down Arrow The 5 Why technique

Asking 'Why' 5 times to a problematic issue usually leads to the root of the problem.

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Gray Arrow Indian Roadside Role Models.

Gray Arrow Beginning of the end of Google ?

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Gray Arrow Offshoring and related Management Perspectives.

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Gray Arrow Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs in different fields.

Down Arrow Family Managed Businesses

Gray Arrow Weblog - Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Advice for Family Business Organizations.

Gray Arrow MBA Education - Death of An MBA ?

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