Down Arrow Organizations need to have a flexible structure like an amoeba that can change it's shape based on the dynamic environment.
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The AMOEBA Organization - A Kaytek Viewpoint
The New Organization has to be visualised as An AMOEBA.

Alert, Mobile, Open, Extensible, Borderless, Agile.

Flexible in Shape. Size. Structure. And Swift.

Owners and Employees Inside the Organization.

Customers, Suppliers, Regulators, Competitors, Society Outside.

Swift, Speedy Flexible Organizational Shape and Structure. Across the Globe.

Harmonius alignment of values across different grographies and cultures.

Gray Arrow Organization as An Arrow Versus An Amoeba.

Gray Arrow Ring a Ring a Roses Real Time Relay Organizations - A Visual Of the Same.

Gray Arrow Can we help transform your Organization into an Amoeba ?