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Perspectives On Quality Initiatives in India

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The thoughts below were expressed to a prospective US customer on the quality initiatives in India.

In India, Quality movements like TQM (Total Quality Management), ISO-9000, Motorola Six-Sigma, Kaizen, 5-S, etc have been quite popular both within the manufacturing and software industries.

However, many times, organizations go in for the same just for the sake of the Certification itself without a genuine need and passion to transform the quality of the offerings and processes of their organizations.

The above certifications are looked upon as one-time discrete events rather than continous proceses which should be the case in an ideal situation.

In addition, the Indian government rewards smaller organisations (in all sectors, not just software ) with a cash subsidy of roughly 1500 USD (Rs 75000) in case they get ISO Certified.

This obviously has been a carrot for many smaller organizations to claim ISO certifications and for consultants to offer one stop packaged deals for ISO Certifications as well as getting the subsidy released from the government.

In contrast, there are genuine business organizations in India that look on any quality process as sacrosanct and something which is absolutely critical for long-tem success.

One example in India is Sundaram Motors which is a supplier to General Motors in the US. (I believe one of the very few long trusted suppliers in Asia for the past many years. )

They have also won a lot of awards including I think the US - Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Also, Serious Software Services Organizations who are competing in US and International markets feel the business need to have Internationally recognized Quality Certifications like the SEI CMM Initiatives.

India has the largest number of SEI CMM Level 5 Certified Companies in the world. Attaining SEI CMM Level 5 Certification is perceived to be very important for bagging US Federal Government and oher Large Contracts.

Also, training of employees, atleast in the software industry is done on a regular basis.

One Indian software company has opened the world's largest training Centre with a capacity for training 3000 People at one time.

Many of the large software organizations have full time Process Improvement teams with a goal to do a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of all defects on a continous basis in all process-deficient areas.

Also, for many of the existing certified organizations, their immediate business goal is to keep doing sufficiently enough to maintain the sanctity of their respective current SEI CMMI or ISO or 6-Sigma Rating and subsequently easier Re-Appraisal and Re-Certification in the future.

Perhaps, a short term tactical ploy towards the long term strategic path.

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