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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's

Experiences from his first China visit - 2/8

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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's First Visit To China - Part 2.

The author is an Indian executive, specialising in the automobile manufacturing industry and currently based in Muscat, Oman. These are his authentic first-hand experiences of China and his impressions of some of the manufacturing factories there.

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The only problem is they do not converse in English. The language problem persisted throughout China including recognized and well known names of malls and shopping arcades, or hotels.

After landing at Wenzhou airport claimed baggage and waited for the suppliers to meet me.

They then drove me to Yuhuan, which is a small island off Wenzhou and an industrial town.

We took a vehicle ferry across instead of the bridge since the bridge route is longer.

So on the first day of my trip, had traveled by road, air and water. Reached Yuhuan at about 2030 hrs (China time) and checked into the hotel.

The suppliers then took me for dinner, which was sandwiches and soup. Got back to the hotel and just slept since I was awake for more than 24 hrs.

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Started the next day with the factory visit and making arrangements for travel onwards. Yuhuan is a small town and really clean and neat, there is poverty but the roads and other infrastructure is made in line with international standards.

Again we see this difference between them and us in India. Property has remained the ownership of the country and a builder is allowed to build a house or apartment.

But if the govt wants to widen a road or construct a bridge they serve notice to the builder, and the residents are compensated suitably and irrespective of whether they have moved or not, at the end of the notice period the building is knocked down.

They believe and follow the fact that the nation comes before everyone else. Something that we as Indians should strongly emulate.

Visited a manufacturer of CV (Constant Velocity) Joints.

Good factory, clean and systematic layout.

They have Japanese CNC (Computerized Numerically Controlled) machines, and almost 75% of the process is on these machines.

The processes are audited at fixed intervals and corrective and preventive action is immediately initiated in case of any defects or discrepancies observed.

I checked our consignment. The packing has come out well and it is similar to their own brand, both internal as well as external, including the master carton which is of 10 pieces.

Have cleared the consignment for packing and despatch, which will be arranged next week.

Official confirmation to be sent from our Head Office.

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