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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's

Experiences from his first China visit - 3/8

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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's First Visit To China - Part 3.

The author is an Indian executive, specialising in the automobile manufacturing industry and currently based in Muscat, Oman. These are his first-hand experiences of China.

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That evening, had the first taste of Chinese food when my hosts decided to take me to one of the most reputed hotels known for Chinese food.

The restaurant was one the first floor and once you have decided the table, you have to select the fish you would like to eat

from the fish tanks with live fish.

This is then cooked as per the chef and served to you. I was able to recognize only prawns and pomfret and this was selected for cooking.

For the first time I was served prawns split in the centre with all their shells and eyes etc intact.

The prawns were boiled and served with some sauce.

However, since the fish was fresh, it did not smell a bit. Then the pomfret came, boiled with some sauce.

Was not so good. There was vegetable soup which was ordered and by mistake was served with beef so was sent back and asked to serve it again.

When it came back I was shocked, since the bowl was very big but as vegetables had only lettuce, which was boiled and sweetened and served.

Vegetable soup well defined indeed !!

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The next day we moved to a place about 600 kms from Yuhuan name of the place was Fuzhou.

Since there are no flights, from Wenzhou to Fuzhou, my hosts drove me the entire 600 kms.

The roads are beautiful and we experienced the countryside.

The roads are similar to Oman, a minimum of two lanes for each direction and umpteen number of tunnels varying in length depending on the hill / mountain.

When we neared Fujian province where Fuzhou is located, we could see the havoc that the recent typhoon had created.

The scene was like from an English movie where the villain knocks of a bridge so there is only a gap between the two ends.

Bridges, houses and roads have been washed away. Practically nothing has been shown on TV or in the news but one sees it when you are in the country.

At one place a bridge was being reinforced they had stopped traffic so that the work could be completed.

There were lines of buses and trucks in either direction which were about 5-6 kms long so had I traveled by a bus, I would have also reached Fuzhou only the next day.

Thanks to the suppliers who took care and dropped me at the Fuzhou airport to the next supplier and then drove back 600 kms to Yuhuan.

Met the host suppliers at Fuzhou airport and one of their lady sales manager who had traveled from Taiwan only to meet me since I was visiting their battery factory.

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