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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's

Experiences from his first China visit - 4/8

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An Indian Manufacturing Executive's First Visit To China - Part 4.

The author is an Indian executive, specialising in the automobile manufacturing industry and currently based in Muscat, Oman. These are his first-hand experiences of China.

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The battery factory which has been operational for mass production since Sept 2004 had a very modern layout with automated and robotic machines.

They are manufacturing the plastic containers as well as the covers in-house and have a separate section with good state-of-the-art machines from Taiwan.

They have a huge capacity for manufacture of batteries and currently they only make Dry Charged and Sealed Maintenance Free batteries for Motorcycle applications.

Very impressive set-up, Good factory and clean environment, especially in the battery charging area where acid fumes are well managed.

They have Taiwanese machines and all the batteries go through series of tests during their manufacture.

Every process has an inspection stage, which is in line and the item if found non-conforming is immediately taken off the line.

To cope up with the improvements and increasing the efficiency, there are currently 20 plus technicians from the Taiwan factory working here in China.

Our order is currently under production and will be ready end of the month for shipment.

Shared feedback on another consignment and the packaging and label improvements that are required.

Also discussed the need to supply screw type adaptors which I had carried with me.

Late that evening, checked into the hotel and the sales manager met me for dinner. Here dinner was another experience.

First came the starters, some cold salad was ordered and when served, appeared raw.

I picked up a piece, (other than India, everywhere chicken is eaten with the skin) and tried separating the skin and to my surprise, without the skin there were only bones, hardly any flesh, and since it was a salad, it was chilled. (Actually, boiled and chilled).

Then Tofu came fried with red chillies, which were good, and so were prawns similarly fried in red chilies.

Everybody kept looking at the table since our table had the strongest pungent odors coming from it.

Well the chilies were also fake, since they were far from being hot.

Then soup was served, which was green colour and had chicken shreds like we get in any restaurant.

Seeing something which was easily recognizable was good, but my happiness was short-lived.

I tasted the soup and it tasted bitter so I enquired whether it was duck or chicken and the reply was chicken.

On further questioning why was it bitter, my host explained for the next few minutes that it contained a green pod like vegetable which has a rough covering and is very good for people with sugar problems.

Can anyone imagine having Karela (Indian bitter vegetable) juice in chicken soup ?

Well I could not complain since it had been named as Chicken soup with vegetables.

Later I went to the room and ate homely ladoos (Indian sweets) that my wife had packed for me before I left for China. They were heavenly and very satisfying.

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