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A to Z of Offshoring / OffSourcing....

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Expect Failures !

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As with anything that is new, failures (or temporary setbacks) will happen.

Do not expect everything to go smoothly right from Day One.

Use Failures as Learning springboards for the future.

It is important to understand that Offshore Outsourcing is usually done to save costs.

The cost savings of an offshore project compared to an onshore project can be anywhere to 25 % to 50%.

As in any other new project initiative, expectation management is the key.

One should first target low hanging fruits in offshoring to minimize failures and avoid the burdens of failed expectations.

If one carefully studies the history of failed offshoring projects there are similar lessons that can be learnt from different experiences.

The common ones are not being able to match the very high expectations, over committments, unrealistic timeframes for transfer & assimilation of knowledge by the offshore group & delivery schedules.

The lessons learnt from Offshoring Failures should be considered as valuable organizational knowledge capital assets that can be the stepping stones for future successes.

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