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A to Z of Offshoring / OffSourcing....

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In Software,(as in any other business operation), Quality is the key.

What Software Methodology is expected by you from your Offshore Outsourcing Partner ?

Are your Offshore Outsourcing Operations geared to deliver High Quality & High Scalability across all processes ?

Does your Partner have the same understanding of Quality as you have ?

Check. Then Double Check. Keep at it.

Till you are satisfied with the results.

Then start all over again. This is the only sure shot path to quality.

Many organizations who have initially planned for offshoring cost savings have usually (pleasantly) discovered that along with money saved comes an important (mainstream, not side) benefit of higher quality at increased volumes (a sure shot winning equation).

For many global enterprises, the overall quality of their offshored operations is higher than the parent facilities. This comes as a pleasant shock to many who usually associate lower prices with lower qualities.

This is a (not so hidden now) secret of many offshored operations. It usually acts as an accelerator trigger for further offshoring to take place at increased velocities.

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