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Today, there are organizations being set up in the West (UK and USA) where only the Customer facing and Government Regulator Facing Processes and Functions are physically based there.

The rest of the complete organization's functions and processes are offshored to a remote location - Complete Back office, Production, Support, etc.

These new kinds of organizations are leading the wave in questioning the status quo in the markets that they operate.

Via their lower startup costs and breakeven points.

For new technology startups, most global Venture Capitalists insist that the engineering operational backend be at an offshore location.

This is to preserve precious dollars in an uncertain revenue clouded recession hit market place.

Suddenly, competitor organizations that have not offshored find themselves to be dinosaur dodos in a drastically dynamic marketplace.

Stuck with High Costs, Inflexibility and limited options.

Innovative Offshoring Paradigms are changing the business scenario and questioning the Status Quo of existing players.

No doubt about that.

This trend is expected to accelerate once the downturn due to the recession will spread broader and deeper across industry segments.

Forcing further innovation in organizational business models.

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