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What is a RTI Statement ?

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Down Arrow What's a RTI (Return-To-Individual) statement ?

This is a document which estimates as to how the this person could gain by spending his or her time more productively away from the routine activities that could get offsourced.

Thereby generating more productive outputs for oneself & subsequently for the organization.

In times of slowdown, we believe that it makes sense to increase the productivity of existing people & utilize their services for increased value addition rather than look at them as cost centres whose expenses have to be eliminated.

A RTI (Return-To-Individual) statement helps in this regard.

Individuals can use this RTI (Return-To-Individual) Statement as a starting point to identify as to how their work productivity can be increased.

Managers in Organizations can use the same to initiate a dialogue with the person for the proposed offsourcing initiative.

This will help allay a person's natural fears (" What happens to me when my work gets offsourced" ?)

Is my job safe ?

It will also help prove the validity of your assumptions in the offsourcing project.

Down Arrow How does one prepare a RTI ?

Identify the Key people in your company whose work productivity can be increased to help the organization increase Sales Revenues.

The people, either by virtue of their knowledge of the organization, or the product that you sell, or a service, or maybe knowledge of the customer or the market are critical to your company.

Identify the partial work areas of these people that can be offsourced.

It could be routine work or non-routine work that is required to be done infrequently.

Maybe your key Sales performer is spending too much time on a routine sales reporting or clerical accounting work that could be offsourced.

Perhaps, you are spending too much time internally interfacing with your employees or facing your computer screens rather than facing your customer.

You need to look at offsourcing your work seriously.

Where do you get started ? Offsourcing should be in small & steady steps.

It could be offsourcing of an Activity, Task or Process.

Identify the time savings and money that will accrue to the organization if this person's routine work can be offsourced to a lower-cost resource.

This identified work for offsourcing could either be manual work or automated work, both partially and or fully.

If there is a team or department whose work would get offsourced, prepare an RTI (Return-To-Individual) statement for each individual person in the team or department.

And consolidate the same at the team or department level.

Preparing an RTI (Return-To-Individual) statement may not be easy, but it could prevent expensive mistakes later on.

For A Successful Offsourcing Strategy.

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