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Is My Job Safe ?

A Series Of Questions To Ask Yourself

Before It Is (Really) Too Late...

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Is My Job Safe ?

Here are a simple set of basic questions to ask yourself if your job is safe.

Is My Company Safe ?

Does it Make Money ? (For it's owners and shareholders, not for others )

Is my Division making Money ?

Is my Department making Money ?

Is the Product or Service that I am involved in my Company important to others (besides myself) both inside and outside my company ?

Am I in the 20% of the 80/20 Rule ? (20% of Guys and Gals do 80% of the Work.)

Also called as Paretto's Law.

Does my Boss Smile regularly ?

Does his or her boss also smile ? At Me ?

Or Behind Me ??

Do they smile together ?

If I do not have a boss, does my customer smile at me ?

If I do not have a customer, does my colleague smile at me ?

Where am I on the Smiling Curve ?

On the other hand, if my work does not have a customer (Internal or External), Should I not start worrying ?

And reworking my Resume.

Do I know my Cost To Company (CTC) ?

On an Annual Basis ?

Or Monthly Basis ?

Or Daily Basis ?

Or Hourly Basis ?

Am I delivering Value (As defined by my boss and my customers) of atleast 3 Times my CTC ? In Terms of Money and Other Outputs.

If I die tomorrow, will anyone care ?

If so, why ?

If not, why not ?

If my organization dies tomorrow, will anyone care ?

Have I really cared for others ?

Or has it been only - I, Me and Myself ?

(Will that really work in the long run ?)

Am I helping others around me ?

Do I seek help of others ?

Do I thank them ?

If not, why ?

If I do not come to work tomorrow, will anyone bother ?

Do I hoard information and knowledge and not share it others ? (including this WebPage link ? )

Am I Obsolete ?

Functionally ? Emotionally ? Technically ? Intellectually ? Spiritually ?

Am I making myself obsolete ?

Do I ask enough Questions ?

Like the Above.

Do I answer enough Questions ?

Do I think ?

Please Do.

For your own sake.

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