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"Offsourcing is a Must Do Strategic Initiative".

(When) Should We Start Offsourcing ?

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Gray Arrow We really do not have a choice but to Offsource.

Gray Arrow Remember the old saying - "Jack of All Trades, Master Of None."

Gray Arrow All Of us - whether individuals or Organizations need to honestly evaluate our Strengths in a global 'Wherever' Economy.

Gray Arrow Let us choose to specialize in One Functional Area, Business Segment or a Geography.

Gray Arrow And Excel in the same Globally.

Gray Arrow Increasingly, Remote Services like Education, Research or Legal Consultancy can and will be offsourced.

Gray Arrow As a small example, we provided Remote Assistance in the areas of Advanced Software Engineering Education, Software Process Model Documentation Analysis and Retail Consulting to organizations in London, UK , the USA and in Eastern India respectively.

Gray Arrow Leverage the Vast Technology and Knowledge Resources of the Net.

Gray Arrow For your survival and growth. Via Offsourcing.

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In my first article, I had asked as to whether an organization should or should not start offsourcing.

You really do not have a choice, do you ? Let me explain why.

In whichever part of the globe that you or your organization resides in there are only a limited number of things that you can do really well.

Remember the Old Saying " Jack Of All Trades, Master of None."

Same is the case with Individuals or Organizations. Wherever They Are. All of us need to focus very carefully on some part of work that we are really good at. Globally.

Maybe some of us are good at Understanding and Handling Money. Some of us understand People pretty well. Some of us may be wizards in Materials. Or Logistics. Or Banking. But, we cannot be all things to all people.

Let us zero on one area of specialisation that we are good at and can excel globally. Yes. I mean globally. Because Competition is Global. Besides, it is invisible. Creeping in from Nowhere. But Everywhere.

It could be a Specific Product or Service that you are good at. Or expertise in One Specific Functional Area. Or In one Specific Industry Sector or Business Segment. Or Maybe in One Geography.

If the rest can be offsourced, go ahead and do it. For your own survival and future growth. So that you can specialize.

What will only matter is being the best in the world wherever you are irrespective of your geographic location.

For example, in the technology area, the examples of Linux, Skype and many more are illustrative of virtual excellence irrrespective of the physical geographic location on the planet. You just need one brilliant individual like Linus Torvalds to create a new Internet-enabled eco-system as he has done in Linux.

Down Arrow Just a brief glimpse of the type of outsourced work services that can be done remotely.

Gray Arrow Kaytek has provided educational mentoring services via email on UML (Unified Modeling Language) to a Software Engineering Masters Student in London, UK.

Gray Arrow We provided Marketing Competitive Strategic Analysis and Research Services for setting up a Coffee Parlour and retail outlet in a small town in Eastern India.

Gray Arrow Responding to a US query on SEI CMM Software Quality Process Ratings, Kaytek was also able to provide an independent analysis and perspectives. Again High-End Analysis Work done remotely from a distance.

So what's happening ? Competition is Global. So is Help to you and your Organization. Out there, there are literally thousands of individuals or organizations who can perhaps help you do a better job in many parts of your work. Use them profitably and smartly.

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Updated on 28th March 2009
Posted on 18th December 2004

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