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Considering Offshoring ? - It's Still Not Too Late...

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

A Starting Step...

Should An Organization Start Offsourcing ? Where does one start ? How does one begin ? How does one ensure repeated successes ? How to minimize anticipated problems ?

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Gray Arrow Difference between Outsourcing & Offshoring.

Gray Arrow Offsourcing - Kaytek Coined Term Used to indicate when Outsourcing is from an External Entity (Organization or Person) at an Offshore location.

Gray Arrow All of us are forced to be Global.

Gray Arrow Work Complexity and Statutory Regulations are ever Increasing...

Gray Arrow In a complex Environment, Be Focussed on one's strengths and competencies.

Gray Arrow Do what we do best. Offsource the Rest.

Gray Arrow Offsourcing means Efficient Control at low costs without the Ownership Hassles.

Gray Arrow Some Questions to consider ahead...

Down Arrow For Organizations...
Gray Arrow Should we / Should we not / Where / How to start Offsourcing ?

Gray Arrow How to leverage the best global resources ?

Gray Arrow How to protect interests of key stakeholders ?

Down Arrow For Individuals...

Gray Arrow How to compete against Offshore competitors ?

Gray Arrow How to scale one's abilities ?

Gray Arrow How does one work with Offshore Resources for one's Benefit ?

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First, it is important to understand the difference between Outsourcing and Offshoring. They are NOT the same.

Dropping Telecommunication Costs are making available Remote Low-Cost Manpower Resources to organizations enabling them to perhaps considering to start with an outsourcing or / and offshoring initiative in their work activities.

Some of you may already have experimented both Outsourcing and Offshoring with Pilot Projects and are perhaps seriously considering of extending the same gradually in the years ahead.

Also, Not all outsourcing or offshoring experiences are positive. The key idea is to learn from one's experiences and mistakes and build success steps steadily, avoiding the Possible Pitfalls.

Since the above two words 'Outsourcing' and 'Offshoring' are often used interchangeably, Kaytek uses the word 'Offsourcing' to indicate when Outsourcing happens from an External Entity (Organization or Person) outside the country ie an offshore location. Hence, 'Offsourcing' is Offshore Outsourcing.

Down Arrow Complex Global Business Environment

Perhaps, even though Computing and Communication Technologies have made our lives probably easier, at the same time, they have also made Business and Organizational work much more complex.

All of us compete in the global market. Either by choice. Or By Default.

Also, Government and Statutory Regulations globally becoming increasingly tighter and tighter leading to higher and higher compliance costs of just being in business.

As an example, the annual costs of Sarbanese-Oxley compliance for a publicly run US corporation are expected to be huge recurring dollar drains.

Down Arrow Need to Focus

All of us need to focus on our unique skills that make us add value to our organizations or customers in the market place.

What we can realistically do best, we should focus and do well.

What we cannot, maybe Outsourcing, Offshoring or 'Offsourcing' may be possible answers.

Down Arrow 'Offsourcing' Risk Management

With 'Offsourcing', do Risks Increase ? Yes. Of Course. Can they be Managed ? Surely. Do you loose Control ? Not Really.

'Offsourcing' Risks can be managed and minimized without sacrificing Control of your Operations.

'Offsourcing' gives you the Best of Both Worlds - Efficient Control at lower costs without the Headaches of Ownership.

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