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" I am Excited About The Web.

Are You ? "

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I am Excited About The Web. Are You ?

Why am I excited ?

Consider the EXCITE Strategy for an Organisation.

Most Organisations so far have computerised their Operations without the Internet as an Infrastructure since the same has been developed only over the past few years in a major way.

The NET has got forward looking organisations excited.

Excited about the Future.

Excited about the Challenges Ahead.

Today, E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is the Big Word.

E-Commerce enables organisations to transact with others using the Internet as the Computing and Communications Infrastructure.

M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce is also an integral part of E-Commerce.

The EXCITE Strategy is an Acronym for

Gray Arrow E - Enhancing,

Gray Arrow X - EXtending,

Gray Arrow C - Computing

Gray Arrow I - Infrastructure

Gray Arrow T - Towards

Gray Arrow E - E-Commerce

Each of the above words has significance in arriving at a viable long term organization strategy for the Net.

Gray Arrow E-X-C-I-T-E

Let's look at each of the above Words One By One.

Gray Arrow Enhancing , EXtending - The NET is forcing organisations to respond to the real world challenges posed by customers, suppliers and competitors in Real-Time.

But, legacy systems that have been developed by many organisations need enhancement - in terms of features, speed and complexity.

The NET extends the physical organisation into the Virtual Sphere.

Extension implies that the underlying functionality of the organisation gets utilised in different directions and gets a new Lease of life .

Gray Arrow Computing Infrastructure - All Resources - Software, Hardware, Processes, People make up the computing Infrastructure. The NET affects them all.

Gray Arrow Towards E-Commerce - Why is E-Commerce So Hot ? Consider the following events :

Communication Costs are dropping rapidly (both local and long-distance communication costs). Internet Access is becoming almost free.

Worldwide, because of WTO (World Trade Organisation ) Pressures, countries are being forced to open up their markets to outside competition.

All Producers and Service Providers face tremendous global competition.

The challenge in the New Knowledge Economy is to improve the IQ (Information Quotient) and SQ (Service Quotient) of an Organisation, not just the PQ (Physical Quotient) or the MQ (Mind Quotient).

E-Commerce enables Organisations, Consumers to transact Buy / Sell Goods and Services using the NET as the Infrastructure from the Comforts of a Computer.

The Ability to view Real Time Information on Events as they happen drastically cuts down the time it takes for a person or an organisation to react to external events.

Prices can be compared, Features can be viewed, Feedback can be obtained all using the NET.

Smart Organisations are Excited.

They want to spread EXCITEMENT amongst their People for the NET.

Gray Arrow Email Us : Can we get you Excited About The Net ?

Even though this Article was written in the year 2000, a lot of challenges described above are still relevant today.

Many organizations are working very hard to leverage the Net to it's maximum possible extent.

Some have succeeded.

Many have not.

A lot of hard work remains ahead.

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