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" Customer Processes At The Top Of the Peak"

" Climbing The Mountain of
Customer Process Enhancements "

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Business Consulting Perspective

In our viewpoint, every Organization's Information processes exist in a hierarchial layered fashion.

Down Arrow The Peak of the Process Pyramid - It's Customer Processes

Ever wondered as to why Customer Processes are the first to get outsourced offshore ?

Process Pyramid Provides an Insight to the same.

Most Organizations find it comparatively easier to have external facing customer processes being handled outside as they are usually the initiators of other internal organizational processes.

Nothing above it. Just the open space and freedom to try and enhance Customer Processes for Sales Revenue Maximisation and Cost Reductions.

Without loosing the first-hand touch and feel with the customers for their valuable suggestions and market feedback.

So critical for new business innovation and profitable growth opportunities.

Customer Processes are also the most challenging for any enhancements and improvements.

As Difficult as Climbing a Mountain Peak.

In the dynamic customer driven innovation marketplace, focus on your key customer processes for profitable payoffs.

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Posted on 14th June 2004.

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